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Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club?s
Awesome Treatments featured in The Times of India

A very nice
article on the various unique ayurvedic treatments that are offered by the
Kairali Ayurvedic Health Clubat Mehrauli , Delhi was featured in the Times
of India?s Lifestyle section. This article features the therapies andtreatmentsoffered at this health club with adifference .

Secret Of Good Health

Health never goes out
of fashion. But the style changes. Yet, the only time tested proven way is that
of our heritage. As old as 2000 years and Kairali-The Ayurvedic health club
with a difference has been reviving this ancient art of Ayurveda, thescienceof life under K.V. Ramesh and Gita Ramesh?s expert guidance.

The duo hail from a
family of traditional Ayurvedic physicians which has entirely devoted itself
for the past 3 generations in research and manufacturing of ayurvedic products.

The Ramesh?s Kairali
have a laudable mission- not just to cure but promote an enlightened lifestyle.

Situated amidst lushgreeneryand nature?s pristine glory , Kairali is a complete health centre with
benefits of Kerala?s age old ayurvedictherapies.

Special Ayurvedic Health Programme– helps you loose weightwith combination of
herbal oil massages and ayurvedic medicines. No dieting or exercise its back to
a great shape the natural way.

Therapies massage to restore vigour and vitality
It?s a wonderful way to repair old worm out tissue,
improves blood circulation, arrest premature ageing.

Complete Fitness without exercise or dieting– comes with another set of specially devised
Ayurvedic massages which relax you on wooden beds craved to match the body?s
contours. They tone the body, rid it off the killer toxins, knock off the
excess fat and perk you, upnot only physically but mentally too.

Proven remedies for arthritis, rheumatism and spondylitis, paralysis,Slip
disc, frozen shoulder and nervous debility-
non-toxic way with medicated herbal oils prepared in clay pots.

Post pregnancy health program- is aunique 14-45 days programfor new mothers which gives you back the original shape, strengthens sagging
abdominal and back muscles brings the body to a perfect state of verve and

Special ancient treatment for sinusitis and migraine ? a 7 day package of 15- 20 minutes per sitting
is an effective cure for these nasty ailments.

Regular Kairali
massages build the body?s immunity to fight well with ailments and help lead a
stress free life. Kairali cures with Navarakizhi, Moordhadharaand
Pizhichil, traditional massages devised with skillful and experienced ayurvedic
physicians of Kerala, it does not lag behind even with modern , state of art facilities
be it a rejuvenating steam bath or invigorating hot shower.

Guest room are
available for those who want to stay and take the treatment.

A complete healing Experience at Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village.

Published on: August 21, 1994

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