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Kairali Health Club featured in
Business Sphere Magazine

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club and the whole concept behind
the Ayurvedic treatments provided here got featured in a lovely article in the
Business Sphere. The article also quotes K.V Ramesh and Gita Ramesh and how
they conceived and delivered Kairali- the amazing health desination to the
citizens of Delhi. Business Sphere is
the only business magazine in India covers new and upcoming businesses extensively.
Other business magazines look after the interests of corporate sector.



It is a health club
with a difference

Ayurveda is Sanskrit
means the science of life. Passed of from generation to generation, it is a
science practiced and protected by the people of Kairala (Kerala) for centuries.
A science that has stood the test of time in promoting good health. Apart from
herbal medicines, which have a cure have a cure for most ailments faced by
modern man, Ayurveda has a cure for even for those ailments which do not have a
remedy in other system of medicines. Besides Ayurveda offers massages with
medicated oils as a unique formula for building stamina and protecting the body
from ailments and relieving the mind of stress and strain of modern life.

Realising that the
people of north India do not have access to the unique benefits of Ayurvedic
system of medication as practiced in Kerala., K.V.Ramesh and his charming wife
Gita decided to do something about it. Coming from the family of traditional
Ayurvedic physicians, there was none more qualified to do it. Late Dr. K.S.
Vasudevan , father of young Ramesh, was an eminent physician and the founder of
Spa labs Pvt. Limited, who introduced widely accepted medicines like Lipidex,
Durance and Duravin Forte.

He offshoot of pioneering
efforts of Ramesh and Gita, was Kairali Ayyurvedic Health Club. It is a health
club with a difference. Located at Andheria Modh on the picturesque heights
around Mehrauli it has a fitness programwhich has nothing to do with
physical exercise. Completely ethnic in character , it is designed to retain
old traditional values. Yet it is modern enough to provide all the luxuries and
amenities of a five star hotel. Apart
from the programmes for general health and toning , Kairali also offers special
massages to treat specific diseases.

At Kairali skilled
masseurs and masseuse from Kerala administer massages using herbal oils carefully
prepared in the traditional way in clay pots over wood fires. The subject is made
to lie down and relax on specially designed beds craved to match body contours.
According to Dr. K.P.S. Pisharody, the
ayurvedic physician who supervises the
medication, these massages exercise your whole body, improving blood
circulation, repairing worn out tissues, throwing off toxics and restoring
vitality. For ladies it is the first step towards a glowing skin, according to
the venerable doctor. He highly recommends these massages which protects the
body from various ailments for the people over 35 for better longevity.

According to Dr. Pisharody,
there is no known cure for diseases like rheumatism and arthritis, lumbago,
hypertension, spondylitis and slipped disc etc in allopathy. Ayurveda not only
cures these ailments permanently , but also causes no side effects. Apart from
Pizhichil, aspecial type of massages for this ailments ,
Navarakizhi and Moordhadhara are useful treatments for paralysis, palsy,
migraine, nervous debility, sinusitis and chronic cold.

The doctor dispels the
notion that Ayurveda is any kind of quackery. He himself has done five years course
in the subject which includes a study of anatomy, diagnosis and cures for
various body ailments. The diagnosis system is based on the dictum ?Darshana? ?Sparshana?
?Prashncy?. (Seeing, touching and questioning) provide a clue to the illness. He takes a dig
at the western doctors who tend to rely increasingly on computers and may ultimately
replaced by them. Ayurveda believes that all illness is caused by an imbalance
of one of the following essential
constituents of the body , namele , Vat (Air), Pit (bile), and kaff (cough) .
Called the tridosh siddhant (principle), Ayurveda does not concern itself with
the name of any disease but seeks to correct the imbalance, which is the root

KV Ramesh claims that
Ayurvedic system is receiving greater acceptance wolrd wide. He says he has received
number of requests from various embassies in Delhi to set up similar clinics in
their countries. According to him, his client list in Delhi, virtually reads
like a ?Who is Who? and people have to book in advance, which speaks volume for
the success of ayuvedic system. He jocularly remarks that he has even eminent
doctors on his client list. He said that
in a seminar in Ayurveda, western doctors were surprised that we knew so much.
Diabetes was written about 2000 years ago. In the west extensive research on
the disease is taking place now.

Ramesh feels sad that
we only appreciate our inheritance, after it has been accepted by the western
world. According to him, it is only now that the Government has woken up to the
possibilities of Ayurveda. So far it has been embarking barely 5 per cent of
medical budget on Ayurveda. He was appreciative of Bhajan Lal, Haryana Chief
minister who has recently sanctioned Rs. 5 crores for Ayurvedic research.

General fitness
session at Kairali costs an affordable Rs 150 and for the best results , four
sittings a month are recommended. But for different ailments, each case is
individually examined and treatment recommended. A session costing Rs.300 or less is
recommended for two to three weeks depending upon the severity of the case.

To the question if the
treatment was too expensive for the poor people , Gita explained that it was
not possible to reduce the cost as they have to use pure medicated oil which is
very expensive. According to her, only the Government could subside the treatment.
However, in their own way they treat poor people in the neighborhood to the
extent possible.

Nanal Chand of village
Gadaipur was looking fresh after a treatment session at Kairali. Nanak was
highly critical of the allopathy doctors who were unable to cure him of his spondylitis
in spite of having spent a fortune. But with the treatment at Kairali he had
already felt 60 per cent better in four sittings only. According to dapper village chief , he was all
stiff in the neck, but within four days
after the commencement of treatment he was driving his own car. He strongly
felt that the Government should do something to make the excellent treatment
within reach of the poor people. He personally did not find the treatment
expensive as they use a lot of oil. Then maintaining the establishment must be
costing them a pretty penny, he opined.

Coming from a patient
undergoing treatment , it was high attribute indeed, for the Ramesh couple.,
who conceptualized, conceived and delivered Kairali to the citizens of Delhi
for their better health.

Published on: May 1993.

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