Mrs. Gita Ramesh talks about the beliefs of Ayurveda and How to find your daily rhythm


Mrs. Gita Ramesh, the Joint Managing Director of Kairali
Ayurvedic Group interacted with Beauty Launchpad India about Ayurveda System
& Urban Health Exigencies. She explainedAyurveda as a preventive
which is the oldest scientific medical system that means
?Science of life.? This 5000-year-old tradition system called Holistic science
that is still considered to be beneficial and relevant to modern life.
Nowadays, people are acknowledging the authentic ways of life through Ayurveda
and adapting to natural ways of living. Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village
also called a ?Green Retreat? that has never failed to fascinate and attract
guests with its authentic treatments and therapies on the basis of Ayurvedic
traditions and principles. A normal day begins at the retreat with Yoga and
meditation that helps one get a better understanding of the body type that is
considered very essential for maintaining proper health.

Beliefs and Ideologies of Authentic Ayurveda

The common basic idea of medicine and philosophy is that
every human being is a unique phenomenon of the universe, expressed through
five basic elements of Mother Nature ? Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space. As
per Ayurveda, three primary life forces exist in the body system ? Vata, Pitta,
and Kapha. Everybody’s constitution has a unique balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
as per nature. Perfect equilibrium in between these vital forces results in a
healthy state of body thereby balances the mind, body, and soul. When the
doshic balance imbalances, it results in a disorder.

Ayurvedic physician diagnoses and establish the cause of
imbalance in the body system which can be due to an increase or decrease in the
vital forces, after which the physician prescribes the treatment and therapy to
bring back the doshas to be balanced. The main objective of Ayurveda is to
focus on preventive measures. So one of the best treatment centre Kairali
Ayurvedic Group provides treatments, programs, training sessions, therapies to
boost immunity by removing all the toxins and thus improves overall

How to follow Daily Rhythm?

Mr. Gita Ramesh, hailing from a family who has dedicated
their time and knowledge in finding every answer related to the human body and
finding alternative ways of healing them. She rightly explained the Daily
Regimens or treatments and the seasonal ones, one should follow to maintain
health. The four regiments she explained are,

Dincharya- Day

Ratricharya ?
Night Regimens

Ritucharya ?
Seasonal Regimens

Acharya Rasayan
? Mental Regimens

The tradition of Dincharya i.e., a daily routine is one
of the single most powerful tools of Ayurveda for improving overall well-being
and health.

Dincharya starts with waking up between 4 pm-6 pm which
is the peaceful time for spiritual practice or takes a few deep breaths. In the
morning time, splash cool or lukewarm water on your face by massaging the
eyelids to clean your senses. Ears, nose, teeth should be cleaned and gargle
with warm water (saltwater, turmeric water) to keep throat healthy. Always
drink some warm water upon rising to flush out the toxins. Exercise and
meditate for 15 mins regularly that provides you the feeling of lightness and
joy. According to Mrs. Gita, Abhyangam practice is an important part of
Dincharya that strengthens the body by improving sleep patterns and blood
circulation. Bathing is cleansing and refreshing and clothing should be clean
and fresh. Perfumes or natural scents can be used that give vitality to the
body. After all this, wholesome Breakfast should be done.

Ratricharya- This regime to be followed after sunset,
until morning. A sufficient amount of sleep is prescribed that removes fatigue,
digestion powder and restores natural body functioning. As per Mrs. Gita,?Sleep
is also said to destroy half of your diseases.? Ratricharya involves three
basic aspects ? Ahara (food), Shayana (sleep) and Mithuna (sexual life).

After days of work, one should always have light dinner
as compared to lunch and take warm water along with food. Ayurveda recommends
avoiding curd at night.

Ritucharya- This seasonal regimen is the preventive aspect
that can be achieved by a change in a diet and in a modern lifestyle. These
changes improve the strength and complexion of the person.

Achara Rasayana- As per Ayurveda, this mental regimen is
said to be an important part of preventive medicine that helps to have good
control over the mind. These also involve consideration of Physiological,
social behavior, spiritual aspects of life and food and diet.

Mrs Gita briefly enlightened about the daily routine
activities one should follow. These daily regimens invite healthy, vitality,
and some sense of clarity into human lives. Undoubtedly, adopting a proper
daily routine will nurture things you can do to yourself. The general template
should be adopted to meet the requirements of each individual?s body type. And
this is the beauty of life that the right daily routine will dramatically help
to improve your life. Mrs. Gita believes in?Live the present-day
along with the intelligence and authentic flavor of Ayurveda.?

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