A Wonderful Experience at Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village


Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village is a health retreat that was established in the year 1999 at the Palakkad district of Kerala. It is one of the most lavish yet traditional health resorts that one can opt for in order to achieve peace and tranquillity. It is situated amidst the beautiful jungles of Palakkad and is a secret haven for all the weary travellers and Ayurveda and Yoga enthusiasts.

Spread across 60 acres of land, this healing village is a home to a number of flora that has medicinal values. These plants and herbs are used in making the medicated oils that are used in conducting Ayurvedic treatments and therapies.Ms.Corine Benchetrit from Paris, France, had a wonderful stay at Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village as she could experience the authenticity that it delivered. The day started at 6 A.M. with a Yoga session and ended at 6 P.M. with a Meditation session. The Ayurvedic food that was served from breakfast to dinner was highly nutritive and delicious at the same time and to her surprise, she could visit the organic farm from where all the vegetables and fruits are hand-picked. Kairali promotes the knowledge and practise of Ayurveda and its related therapies and allows for various Ayurveda training courses within the premises by expert professional teachers.

Nature is at its best at this healing village. The sounds of the water bodies, the birds and the whistling sound of the airgivea deep sense of relaxation to the soul. Kairali indeed is a true symbol of Ayurveda.

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