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Karali Ayurvedic Health Club and its
Unique Therapies Featured in First City

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Club and is most amazing therapies
and treatments got featured in the First City magazine?s October 1994 issue The
article states that Kairali has come
like a boon to the sick and ailing in the city and has performed unbelievable
feats for many and has transformed their lifestyle for ever. It further
articulates that h Gita
and K.V. Ramesh have a mission not just to cure but to encourage an enlightened

Saga of Health

The fast paced city
life is not everybody?s cup of tea. Only the healthy can get away with it. Key
to a successful life is a healthy lifestyle. On that Kairali has mastered with painstaking
dedication and devotion. An ayurvedic health club with a difference, Kairali
has rejuvenated a 2000 year old art of Ayurveda , also the science of
life. This yeoman service has been
performed by the accomplished pair- Gita
and K.V. Ramesh. They have a mission not just to cure but to encourage an enlightened

Kairali has artfully devised
health programmes based on Kerala?s age old ayurvedic oil massages. Special ayurvedic
health programmes helps you lose weight in 14 days- no dieting or exercises,
just a combination of herbal oil massage sand ayurvedic medicines.

Restoring vigour and vitality within 14 days. A massge that repairs old worm out tissue, improves blood
circulation , arrests premature ageing.

Complete Fitness comes with ayurvedic massages administered on
wooden beds that match the contours of
the body. Toing the body, ridding it off
the excess toxin and fat. It perks you mentally
and physically.

Proven remedies for arthritis, rheumatism , spondylitis, paralysis.
Slip disc, frozen shoulder and nervous debility,
non-toxic way with medicated herbal oils prepared in clay pots.

Post pregnancy health program is a great 14-45 days programme
for new mothers which gives back the
original shape, strengthening sagging abdominal and back muscles.

Special ancient treatment for sinusitis and migraine is
a 7 day package effecting a complete cure.

A 24 day package is
reinvigorating programme for the old in body. It makes them young

Special health package
is a miraculous programme for weak children. It is also effective in case of
sexual disorders.

Kairali cures with
Navarakizhi, Moordhadhara, Uzhichil and Pizhichil, traditional ayurvedic massages
of Kerala. Kairali goes one step further with a very state of art approach.
Steam baths, hot showers, guest rooms ect are all available.

Kairali has come like
a boon from the skies for the sick and ailing. It is really a magical place
performing unbelievable transforming feats by giving back to the thousands who
come, a renewed zest for life!

Published on: October 1994

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