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set in the southern Indian state of Kerala at some distance from the
much trodden tourist beaches, is fast becoming a mantra with those
seeking a different variety of holiday…and nothing contributes more
to this little known gem’s allure than Kairali ?
Ayurvedic Healing Village.,
a travel site that distills information about the best destinations
in the country into easy to process Top 10 lists, has named a visit
to The Healing Village as the Number #1 thing to do in Kerala.

is no coincidence that ‘Kairali’ is the derivation of a Malayalam
word meaning of
from) Kerala.
is famous world over for its Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment and
Kairali is perhaps the best one to eradicate your senses,? the
Top-10-India review enthuses. ?Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village is
a perfect retreat for the discerning traveler and Ayurvedic

in 1989 Kairali has established itself as a pioneer in promoting
Ayurvedic treatment centers, hospitals and resorts, both in India and
overseas. Kairali’s signature healing village in Palakkad is an
idyllic getaway that has won several awards, the most recent being
Destination Spa

at the Indian Salon & Wellness Congress 2015.

Healing Village is located 12 kms from the Palakkad town at Olassery.
Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is the nearest airport just 60 kms away,
making it all the easier to visit the most effective and luxurious
wellness destination in India.

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