Abishek K Ramesh Videos | World Brands Summit 2014 | Kairali Group Directors Video


Brands Review Corporation (WBRC), an autonomous branding organization
with a decade of experience, is a source of benchmarking information,
research and analysis across global industries. As part of its
comprehensive effort to identify inspiring entrepreneurs,
professionals, and service providers from different regions in Asia,
the WBRC organized the World Brands Summit 2014 in Dubai.

members of the Chamber of Commerce, reputed business houses,
international celebrities, and the best speakers from around the
world attended the much publicized event held in June.

K Ramesh, Executive Director of the Kairali Ayurvedic Group, spoke
engagingly and well on ?Globalization,
Politics, Policies: Impact on brands and branding?. Using the brand
of ayurveda as a case study, he demonstrated the value in building
trusted partnerships and battling the scourge of misinformation
through awareness initiatives.

the midst of fielding comments from a lively audience, one of the key
takeaways delivered by Abishek was that adapting to new and emerging
markets was essential to brand management.

that the Kairali Group hopes to develop 35 outpatient treatment
facilities and add another two inpatient centers by 2018, we couldn’t
agree more. —

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