Kairali Ayurvedic Group celebrates 3rd International Yoga Day on June 21, 2017


A spiritual practice, Yoga means to unite and combine. It is
an integrative approach towards harmonizing body, prana, senses, mind, and
consciousness. It cannot be reduced to the body alone as it needs synthesis of
all levels and aspects of healing. At the same time, Ayurveda is the science of
life and longevity. It?s a concept of healing, which emphasizes on achieving
the right balance of body humours? vata, pitta and kapha.

We can say that Yoga and Ayurveda are the branches of the
same tree of Vedic knowledge that hems in the entire human life and the universe.
They are sunder and still coupled to be defined as the healing disciplines of
our ancient tradition, culture, science and art. Undoubtedly, their merger tantamount to a flawless system
of healthiness for body, mind, and soul, medically and spiritually.

Believing strongly in these two
systems that may have the power to bring you closer to the Almighty, 3rd
International Yoga Day was celebrated on June 21, 2017 at Kairali
Ayurvedic Group, Mehrauli, New Delhi with an unbeatable enthusiasm.

The day witnessed a special session being held for the employees, associates,
management and guests at the centre, where the expert explained the need of adopting
yogic lifestyle to maintain the equilibrium between body, mind, and soul to
live a meaningful life. People were seen practicing to yoga asanas to-further stress upon-the
need of a yogic system of medicine to heal us internally. The
day saw yoga enthusiast dawning a special T-shirt designed for the day. An
annual fiesta at Kairali Ayurvedic Group, International
Yoga Day is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and fervor as it marks an
extraordinary beginning to the beautiful union of Yoga and Ayurveda.

In a bid to help people instill
yoga as a lifestyle, Kairali Yoga classes are as well organized in Kairali
Ayurvedic Group
, Mehrauli, New Delhi every week where ashtanga yoga, classical
asanas and meditation is being practiced.

Further, the
Kairali Ayurvedic Group also boast of organizing Yoga Retreats throughout the
year to help people detoxify and rejuvenating with ayurveda while indulging in
self-transformation with yoga and meditation. The mesmerizing amalgamation of
the ayurveda and yoga with a holistic approach at one-of-its-kind of
destination, Kairali? The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerala, offers
people an unparalleled intimacy with nature bringing them closer to themselves.

A compendium
of equanimity and serenity, Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village caters you
with luxuriant and lavish accommodation. The village treasures thirty
independent and spacious villas laid down with the conformity of principles of
Vaastu Shastra. The interior designing and architecture is done along with the placement of -Valambari Conch in each villa-for positive vibrations. With
prolific environment, the village provides a unique chance to revitalize and
repose through daily yoga, ayurveda and meditation therapies, and other
ayurvedic treatments conjointly with the organic food. —

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