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FOOD, but nothing else can bring people together in a great way!! CONNECT in the hinterland setting with nature, people of different origins and great chefs while enjoying epic meals all together with the culinary giant Chef Manjit Singh Gill (As Mentor), and other globally known names such as Chef Abhijit Saha, a progressive cuisine master, Chef Vikas Seth, Mexican Cuisine expert and Specialist in Indian Cuisine Chef Arun at the ?Chef Retreat?. It is the first edition of Healing Recipes ? Back to Roots, in Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village, Palakkad, Kerala all set to take place from 3rd to 6th July, 2017. The chef retreat saga is not only to provide nourishment to the physical body but also give relaxation to your mind, touch one?s soul and repose the entire you.
Esoteric impact of the delicious and nutritious dishes by our chefs will transform you from the state of everyday apprehension to the mystical state at the retreat!! TRY your hands at cooking along with these chefs using organic ingredients from Kairali?s own herbal garden and other available local ingredients making you well versed in cooking and enhancing your remedial food knowledge. Here is a chance for you to enjoy nature, culture, flora and fauna of Kerala while you examine several facets of food, observe and luxuriate in food.
Much more exploration is awaited by you as you learn the spirit of team work, know about cooking techniques through old and modern way-and-comprehend about the remedial aspect of food, allergic foods and its healing , the best of the organic ingredients and the positive consequence organic food has on you.
The chefs who have come long way in their experience of cooking will provide you with highest standards of food while they maintain its hygiene, nutrients and taste to make the retreat a memorable, successive and consecutive event. While preparing food together with the chefs and other mates, you grasp the way of complementing each other?s skills, arts and knowledge. The journey would be a mixture of joy, love and culinary arts by our chefs.
Percipient procedure for the service of food will make the retreat and its experience above your expectations where you can attain relaxation through yoga, ayurveda, remedial massages, meditation, pranayama and asanas. Different practices of making comfortable food will be derived from the whole retreat which will provide you with ample options that can help you achieve a healthful body eliminating all your body problems.

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