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Aarogyalay, whose name is sufficient to understand what the organization is all about, initiated an event at India International Centre and organized a talk on Role of Ayurveda in Stress Management in Schools. This event was a step forward taken by Aarogyalay in order to spread awareness among the schools about how Ayurveda and Ayurvedic therapies can be a savior in managing our daily stress.-

Need of the Hour

We have often spent our time in listening to stories from our parents and grandparents about how they used to spend their time outdoors in the midst of nature. Nowadays, it is seen that nature is something that is being depleted day by day at every hour and second that it becomes highly impossible for people to spend it outdoors. With regular stress and improper lifestyle, we tend to remain inside the four corners of the room, thinking that we are relaxing which in reality we are not. Today’s contemporary children have a fascination for material needs and do not want to spend time with nature.
This is the reason why team Aarogyalay decided to meet officially for an Expert Talk with regards to the need of the hour i.e., Health Awareness in Schools Through Ayurveda. Ayurveda is what that gives us a chance to be closer to nature and so Mr. Rajeev Narang, the founder of Aarogyalay thought of giving a formal shape to the perceptions and ideas related to Stress Management. Padmashree Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India was the Guest of Honour at the event.
The event at India International Centre, New Delhi, hosted Ayurveda doctors, practitioners, school principals, teachers, students, industry representatives, students of Ayurveda, media, laughter ambassadors and key people from the social circle. Mr. Rajeev Narang appreciated the help and support that Kairali has shown in the efforts taken by Aarogyalay in spreading awareness among the masses. Dr. Ruchi Vyas, Ayurvedic Doctor from Kairali Ayurveda Group graced the event with her kind words and made people aware of the fact that stress is something which cannot be completely removed from one’s life but it can definitely be fought with through Ayurveda and Ayurvedic therapies. The presentation given by Dr. Vyas gave a clear picture of the present scenarios and showcased how Kairali through their super-specialty offerings can help in managing stress.
Aarogyalay has always stood by their motto of ‘Catching the Young’. They are aware of the present situations and know the fact that today’s-children need to be moulded in such a way that their future is not at stake and always moves towards a healthy path. This health awareness event indeed have made an agenda to reach out to as many schools as possible to make today’s children tomorrow’s bright and healthy future.
“Aarogyalay celebrates First Founder?s Day on January 25th, 2018 at India International Centre, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi. Organized a Talk on Role of Ayurveda in Stress Management in Schools.

?Ahaar, Vyayaam and Nidra are the three important factors for managing stress among school children. There were times when kids used to be in playgrounds and they were closer to nature… Ayurveda is what takes us closer to nature, and that?s what the need of the hour is. ?I appreciate the initiative taken by team Aarogyalay in this area?, said Vd. Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India while speaking at the First Founder?s Day Celebration of Aarogyalay. Padamshree Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha was the Guest of Honour at the event.-
Aarogyalay, the only organization, promoting Ayurveda in a structured format in schools, organized an Expert Talk on Role of Ayurveda in Stress Management in Schools. The event at India International Centre, Delhi hosted Ayurveda doctors, school principals, teachers, students, industry representatives, students of Ayurveda, media, laughter ambassadors and key people from the social circle.-
Rajeev Narang, Founder, Aarogyalay shared Aarogyalay?s journey from the year that just went by with the audience. ?It has been a turbulent ride, with sense of pride and with the challenges of enrolling people into the cause. But trust me, it was worth it. Till date, we have conducted workshops in more than 100 schools and involved more than 250 Ayurveda practitioners in our cause. We are all geared up to expand footprint to 500 schools in the next year. I hope the industry will take notice of our efforts that we have put in to build up the platform. We are grateful that Dabur and Kairali have shown interest in what we are doing,? said Rajeev Narang expressing gratitude towards the support Aarogyalay has received from NASYA and VAP, Noida.-
In line with the theme of the event, Stress Management in Schools, Mrs. Vanita Bhardwaj, Vice Principal, Dev Samaj Modern School, Okhla, Delhi took the stage to share her concerns about growing stress among children because of the pressure of scoring high in exams, living up to parents? expectations, coupled with peer group pressure and the stress that easy availability of internet brings along with it. ?All these factors lead to obesity, depression and bouts of aggression. This, in turn adds to the stress among teachers, who cope with difficult times for they cannot take it out back on to the children. However, the school environment has changed completely after the visit of Aarogyalay team, who organized a Stress Management Workshop for Teachers. On behalf of the school team, I declare that we will support Aarogyalay in their mission by performing Nukkad Natak around the theme of Health through Ayurveda.?
Dr. Ruchi Vyas, Kairali Ayurveda also graced the occasion with her presence, but more importantly with her words, ?we cannot get rid of stress completely, but we can fight it with various Ayurvedic therapies and methods.? Her presentation identified the areas which need attention and how Kairali, through their super-specialty offerings can help in managing stress.-
Dr. Preeti Chhabra, Patron, NASYA, appreciated the efforts of Aarogyalay and committed their support for the initiative of Aarogyalay. ?NASYA and Aarogyalay have collaborated for ArogyaSoch, the Competition for students of Ayurveda and we stand committed to collaborate with Aarogyalay for all the activities that they organize at the grass root levels.?-
Dr. Prashant Shandilya, President, Vishwa Ayurved Parishad, Noida, emphasized on the importance of adequate diet in the role of stress management and extended a promise of continuous support to Aarogyalay.
Dr. Piyush Juneja, Business Head, Aarogyalay said that all thanks to the current digital atmosphere and increasing exposure to different gadgets, children are not getting proper sleep which in turn is affecting their health and brain development and burdening them with stress at such a tender age. Ayurveda has a definite role to play in this as it offers many products and therapies to manage the stress among young children.-
Mr. Sunder Solanki, Deputy Editor, India News, Haryana, expressed his concern about growing incidence of crime in schools. ?Is it not because of stress? If not stress then what is it that has converted small quarrels in schools to murders? The best way of managing stress among children is to keep the channel of communication open at all times. I am very pleased at what Aarogyalay has achieved in last one year. I have seen their journey and I stand committed to make their initiatives more visible in the media. If we can show the crime in schools, what should stop us from showing the positive work which is being done in the area,? said Sunder Solanki while addressing the audience.- -Acknowledgement mementos were handed over to the sponsors Dabur, Kairali, EkoYogurt Starter Cultures, BonTon Opticians, Aipl Abro and Sirca Paints India, Dr. Rajesh Chhabra, Shri Naveen Goswami, Vaidya Chagan Jangid, Dr. Preeti Bhosle, Dr. Vandana Tyagi and Delhi Laughter Club.-
The event ended with a fun laughter session, the quickest way to manage stress, conducted by team members of Delhi Laughter Club. This was followed by networking high tea at the lawns.-
Aarogyalay always stands by its motto of ?Catching them (the children) Young?. Team Aarogyalay decided to launch the Aarogyavity Book, an activity book with puzzles, games and fun for children in age group 8-12 to engage the kids in Ayurveda, thereby adding a flavor of delight to its Founders Day. It is just the beginning of the ?Fun? that Aarogyalay wants to imbibe into learning through Ayurveda.- Akanksha Narang, Next Gen, Aarogyalay added, ?The objective of Aarogyalay is to promote health through Ayurveda among young, school students. The challenge is that the young find Ayurveda as something which is not meant for them. Their listening can be transformed only when we talk to them about Ayurveda in the language they speak in. That is why Aarogyalay has chosen to add the elements and activities of fun and engagement for students.?
Sitting in the audience were some school students who were specially invited along with their teachers and parents. The reason? They were awaiting their results for Aarogya Explorica, Creative Competition which was organized by Aarogyalay last year for students to explore Ayurveda. The students had to create something around health through Ayurveda, in whatever form of expression they thought would seem best. More than 1000 entries were received which included paintings, scrap books, models, articles, presentations, poems, and hold your breath ? a rap song! Top 15 Winners were awarded at the Founders Day Event. The awards included a laptop, digital camera, tab, watches, power banks and certificates of Achievements for all winners. Special Award of Appreciation was announced for the students of St. Xavier?s School, Nainital who composed, sung and recorded a rap song around Ayurveda in mere 45 minutes. All eight team members get a two night stay at Mountain Trail Resort at Mukteshwar along with their parents.
G. D. Goenka School, Model Town, Delhi won the Maximum Participation Award for highest number of entries received from a school in Arogya Explorica.
Since its foundation a year ago, Aarogyalay has come a long way. The Founder’s Day celebration was Aarogyalay’s way of giving back to all the sponsors, teachers and students who have backed us throughout.”

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