Kairali launches Seasons of Ayurveda


Seasons of Ayurveda, is a unique campaign, promoted by Kairali Ayurvedic Group. This campaign is initiated to spread awareness on how Ayurveda can alleviate one’s bodily constitution. It helps to preach the knowledge of the age-old form of natural medical science and nurtures the health and beauty of an individual through Ayurveda. A much-awaited campaign to spread awareness about the importance of health and Kairali?s secrets, Seasons of Ayurveda by Kairali, compliments the pure and authentic vitality that Ayurveda possesses. This phase promises to provide for curative and preventive solutions, that has complete Ayurvedic substructure and provide consumers their solutions through Kairali Ayurvedic methods. Precisely speaking, this season brings in the bond that people need to share with their bodies, through Ayurveda and Kairali. This campaign from the 13th of May till 30th of September, 2018, is a phase that has been primarily divided into three sub-campaign addressing-three different concerns. The first phase i.e., from 13th May to 14th of June, Seasons of Ayurveda dedicates this month to women and makes it a point to spread beauty with Ayurveda. In this sub-campaign, Kairali with its Ayurvedic beauty tips, provides you with Ayurvedic Anti-ageing solutions, Ayurvedic skin and hair care treatment solutions, Ayurvedic therapy for PCOD and PCOS concerns and Ayurvedic tips for stress and anxiety.

The other two sub-campaigns of Seasons of Ayurveda are namely, Healthy Heart Month and Fat to Fit Month. These two sub-campaigns addresses issues related to the healthy functioning of the heart and obesity. These two issues seem to be the most common issues faced by the human race nowadays, irrespective of age and gender. So Seasons of Ayurveda takes this stand to be firm and strong enough to address all the health issues and provide Ayurvedic solutions to it.-

Seasons of Ayurveda Campaign has also come up with new ideas as to give away gift hampers and vouchers to lucky draw winners. One such lucky draw winner was Shivani Seth-Gupta, who was given away gift hampers and vouchers from Kairali.

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