Kairali Hand Sanitizer is a Herbal Hand Sanitizer which is lab-tested and proven to kill 99.9% Germs


It is said that as soon you give birth to your kids, you find your heart walking around outside your body. No wonder parents are so protective of their kids! But have you been doing enough for your kids? safety in these unprecedented times? Do you take care to not only keep them safe from germs but also from the toxic chemicals that most sanitizers are filled with? If these questions give you second thoughts, then you need to read below and allay your fears!

-Ensure your kids? SAFETY by using hand sanitizers that keep your kids SAFE, not only from germs and bacteria but also from the harmful and toxic chemicals that most hand sanitizers are made of.

-Why are hand sanitizers considered harmful for your kids?

Have you ever noticed how your skin gets rough and dry with regular use of sanitizers? Imagine how it must be affecting your kids then. Not only this, kids are known to be careless and who knows, such strong solutions might actually hurt them more than help them in their fight against germs.

-So you can just imagine the stuff that might actually finally enter your precious child?s blood stream and end up harming him/her ? right from germs on toilet seats to environmental pollution particles!

-Is there any solution?

Yes! Luckily, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda does have skin-friendly non-toxic sanitizers that are just perfect for the safety of your kids. Kairali Hand Sanitizer by the Kairali Ayurvedic Group is one such product which promises and has proven to be good for your skin as well as act as a strong germ fighter!

Made with unique herbs and strong antimicrobial, astringent & antifungal ingredients with moisturizing agents, Kairali Hand Sanitizer is crafted to protect your kids from a range of diseases, including but not limited to minor every day infections and pandemic spreads, similar to the crisis that mankind is experiencing at present.

And to top up on its strong germ fighting properties, the Kairali Hand Sanitizer has been lab-tested in renowned domestic and international laboratories with the conclusion that it actually does what it claims to do ? kills 99.9% of the germs and bacteria in just one hand rub! And not only this, the Kairali Hand Sanitizer is certified non-allergic and 100% vegan ? perfect if your kid is an avid vegan or gets skin allergies frequently! And all of these much sought-after sanitizer properties come with a surprising twist ? the Kairali Hand Sanitizer retains its goodness even with 70% alcohol content, perfect for the dual purpose of acting as a strong hand sanitizer along with being a mild and child-safe cleaning agent.

Fascinated? Let?s add on to the wow factor of the Kairali Hand Sanitizer with a mommy-special tid-bit ? the Kairali Hand Sanitizer is known to improve your skin?s suppleness and moisturises your hands unlike the other alcohol-based sanitizers which strips off moisture from your hands.

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