How to Fix the Biggest Problems with Hand Sanitizers


So, you bought bottles of sanitizers and masks and whatnots and are now ready to fight the Corona demon in full force? Yes? Think again. Is your hand sanitizer indeed safe for everyday use? If you’re not 100% sure then read below and know what are the biggest problems with hand sanitizers and how you can remain careful.

1. Cheap Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers Are Inflammable

Yes! Heavy alcohol-based hand sanitizers are highly inflammable and can put your life at risk. So, make sure to stay away from the fire right after using hand sanitizers.

2. Hand Sanitizers are recommended 1 Minute prior to consuming food

While most of us prefer to rub our hands with hand sanitizers right before having a meal, while at work or business, it is better to use sanitizer at least 1 minute before consuming any food, ideally we always recommend washing your hands with soap and water before having meals and use sanitizers when water is not available.

3. Use Safe Hand Sanitizers for Your Kids!

We all know that most kids do not have proper knowledge about germs and can somehow end up misusing hand sanitizers. You can never be careful enough when it comes to your kid’s safety. So make sure to use herbal hand sanitizers that are tested to be safe for your kids.

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4. Hand Sanitizers Are Good for Clean Masks, Right? WRONG!

Do not use hand sanitizers to clean your masks, because It will not clean your masks, it will actually end up clogging the pores of the masks, thereby making it riskier for you to use your mask next time.

Make sure to clean your masks using soap and water and then air dry them, for best results.

5. Do NOT use Scented Hand Sanitizers!

While most hand sanitizers are chemical-based, scented hand sanitizers are loaded with more chemicals to give out that oh-so-wow fragrance. Resulting in the end-user exposing himself/herself to more chemicals which is NOT good for your health.

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6. Excessive Use of Hand Sanitizers End Up Killing the Good Bacteria Too!

So make sure to use hand sanitizers only when required. Just like the adage goes, anything in excess is bad, same is true for hand sanitizers. While the world is becoming a germ-freak planet, resistant bacteria and viruses are enveloping the cities and towns easily and in large numbers. Ever wondered why? Its because excessive use of hand sanitizers has made them evolve into resistant varieties, thereby putting human lives at risk. Plus, excessive use of hand sanitizers is harmful to your skin too!

7. Use Only Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers!

Yes! While chemical hand sanitizers are known to kill germs, they can prove to be too strong for your skin, resulting in allergies. Hence, make sure to use alcohol-based hand sanitizers only.

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