7 Different Ways to Use Hand Sanitizers


The world is battling an unprecedented crisis. And with clean hands being our first line of defense, it is no wonder that hand sanitizers are flying off the shelf. And we bet, you must have managed to pile up a stock by now!

Ever wondered if your regular hand sanitizer can instead be used for other purposes than just keeping your hands clean and hygienic? If yes, then read on and discover whole new ways to use hand sanitizers and why they are a great household help pandemic or no pandemic!


Give your Laptop that much-needed Rub and Shine!

Most of us are glued to our laptop screens for the most part of the day be it the joy of binge-watching your favorite show or typing away on your keyboard. And while we use our laptops so much, many of the times we forget to clean them, with the end result being our 3-month-old laptops losing their sparkle.

Dab or spray some hand sanitizer on a cleaning cloth and give your laptop that much-needed rub. While it will definitely clean your device and make it go fab from drab, the hand sanitizer would also clean the touchpoints one of the most important needs of the hour!


Sparkle up your Cell Phones!

Studies have shown that cell phones are a hotspot for breeding bacteria and germs, and while we may talk with our near and dear ones on the phone across the world, more often we do not have any idea how to clean the device. Since water cannot be used to clean electronic items, it is hand sanitizers that come to the rescue. Yes!

Dab or spray some hand sanitizer on a cleaning cloth and rub it on your cell phone it will immediately clean your device and light it up with an almost-new shine!


Clean your Spectacles & Sunglasses!

Ever noticed how your glasses tend to lose their polish when you wash them with plain water? Or, how the shopkeeper urges you not to use water on your spectacles at all? That is because water tends to be more harmful to modern spectacles and exposes them to scratching from all the rigorous washing in soap water.

And here comes the hand sanitizer to one of its best uses! Not only does it help clean the grit stuck to the corners and borders, but it also helps give your used spectacles a new look something regular spectacle users dream of. You can also use hand sanitizers to clean and polish your sunglasses after every to 4 use for them to have that photographic glint always! Always clean the spectacles or sunglasses with a cloth not directly.


Clean your Hair-styling Products!

Surprised? Dont be. While most hair-styling products tend to have a layer of grit and hair on them, seldom is it cleaned properly, resulting in your hair-styling products becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. And nobody wants a bacteria-infected device to style their hair, right?

So, coat your hair-styling devices with hand sanitizer and give them 1-2 rubs with a cleaning cloth. And you can thank us later for that fresh odor and clean-up look that your device would show!


Sparkle up your Jewellery & Silverware!

If your wedding jewelry and treasured silverware have lost their sparkle, why not try and light it up with some extra cleaning? Sounds enticing?

Spray some hand sanitizer on a cleaning cloth and rub on your silverware and jewelry the gold and silver would start to glint right away! Oh! And if you are planning to go the extra mile, dab or spray some hand sanitizer on soft fabric and clean the insides of your rings, the crevices of your designer jewelry, and the corners of your treasured utensils not only will it clean up the items, it would also help sanitize and disinfect it.


Disinfect your Make-up Brushes!

Make-up brushes are essential in every lady’s kitty but their cleanliness is seldom taken into account. While you can definitely clean your make-up brushes with soap and running water, it is always a good idea to disinfect them regularly. Yes! Dab or spray some sanitizer on your brushes thoroughly, so that it reaches the bottom of the bristles and lets them dry.

It is always a good idea to clean your make-up products with sanitizers, since otherwise, it may result in your skin getting infected.


Clean car mirrors and windows in a pinch

Do you spend a big chunk of your monthly budget on getting car cleaners? Save up and use sanitizers instead! Intrigued?

You can spray a few droplets on a washing cloth and clean your side mirrors, rear-view mirror, and even your car windows. Trust us, the final polish would indeed be your neighbor’s envy.


What’s more?

While these are just a few extra ways to use hand sanitizers, you can go out and about and clean your television sets, utensils, toilet seats, etc. with hand sanitizers. And in these difficult times, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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