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Kaircin The Kairali Ayurvedic Product
Featured In Beauty Launchpad magazine

Kairali Ayurevdic products Kaircin ? a facial oil serum to look young and have a
great skin enriched with goodness of saffron and vetiver grass, was recently featured
in the Beauty Launchpad magazine April 2014 issue. It is a great achievement that
a ayurvedic product from India by Karali Ayurvedic Group has got a place in between many international
beauty products. Beauty
Launchpad Magazine is the Indian edition of the leading US speciality magazine
for beauty and salon professionals. Beauty Launchpad India Magazine is the
country’s most exciting and intelligent publication for beauty and personal
care. Beauty Launchpad is a Fashion
Magazine that covers all the latest beauty and fashion trends.

Published on: April 2014

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