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Kairali?s Product KAIRCIN Featured in
Women?s Health Publication

Kairali Ayurveda product ?Kaircin?
got featured in the Women?s Health Magazine issue April 2014. In Page
number 45 where various products for the vibrant and vivacious women are
featured , one of the product that is recommended is ?Kaircin? ? a traditional facial oil
serum to look young and have a great skin enriched with goodness of saffron and
vetiver grass.

Women?s Health brand addresses a
complete life for the new generation of
contemporary, confident, ambitious women. The brand is a true one-stop shop
lifestyle resource for millions of women who are making their mark. It is the
definitive guide for health and fitness, this magazine is widely read and touches every aspect of a young woman’s life
and motivates her to upgrade it.

Published on:April 2014

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