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Riding strong on its mission to propagate Indian Ayurveda
across the World, Kairali Ayurveda Group has become a popular brand across
Germany. Reputed German magazines including FVW, Kosmetic, Top Wellness Oasen,
Foodmonitor, Frauenfinanzseite, and Geniesserinnen feature Kairali Ayurvedic
healing Village as the best Indian Ayurveda and Wellness retreat.

A pioneering enterprise in the Ayurveda healthcare tourism,
Kairali- TheAyurvedic Healing Village is a world-class holistic treatment center
offering different Ayurveda and Yoga retreat packages. With the staggering
success and huge demand for Kairali Ayurveda treatments and healing techniques,
Kairali AyurvedicGroupexpanded their venture into Ayurveda Hospitality and Lifestyle
industry in 1999. Ayurveda as a lifestyle concept was very new in the industry
and Kairali was amongst the first Ayurveda company to expand its horizons
beyond traditional medicines and treatment centers.

Every aspect of your Vedic living experience, right from
allocating your room based on your zodiac sign, The Village regularly conducts
workshops on Ayurveda treatments, Yoga classes, Herbs and Medicines, and Local
cuisine cooking classes.

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