Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village: A perfect place to find your inner self and reinvent


Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village is known for natural treatments through therapies, delicious vegetarian food where vegetables are handpicked from their organic garden, and there is a herb for every

It was still raining when we landed bedraggled after a turbulent flight in Coimbatore and made our way to Palakkad in Kerala. However, soon we were in a different world as we drove along roads laced with palm trees and water bodies that were enough to bring out that romanticised poet within us. With light, continuous rain and regional music in the background, we reached Palakkad after sunset. The first reaction as we reached Kairali — The Ayurvedic Healing Village was apprehension. The place was surrounded by dense foliage and multiple frogs hopped across our path till we reached the reception, not to mention the sounds of the wilderness.

Our doubts were put to rest with the first ray of the sun the next morning when we beheld the scenic beauty of the tropical area that left us mesmerised. If you are someone who likes to sleep in — then get ready for a wake-up call. Our day started with a 6 am guided yoga session right in the middle of a clearing. We were also given a brief about Ayurveda and its importance in our overall well-being.

After our morning routine, we were left to our own devices — and no, that didn’t mean our phones. We wandered around to explore the place with occasional pauses to find directions from the very helpful staff. At the foot of the Nilgiri and Annamalai ranges (Western Ghats), we soon stumbled over the healing village that is spread across 60 acres of land including the 15 acres of the resort area. Set amidst mountains, forests, a lush valley and rivers are the 30 premium villas that are connected through waterways filled with Guppies and surrounded by the fragrance of the 135 Pala trees. The single and family occupancy suites had two rooms each and we were told that the Maharajas of colonial foreign lands have stayed here in the past.

Family occupancy suite

Interestingly, if you are someone who believes in star signs and Vastu, this place is for you. Curious to know, we asked Executive Director Abhilash K R about the villas with trees assigned to the birth star. “We have 29 star signs in Kerala and each cottage is assigned to one. This has immense restorative and curative power,” we are told. Our curiosity didn’t end here; for each room, we saw, had Valambiri Conch which Abhilash told us is kept to provide positive vibrations. Conceptualised by K V Ramesh and Gita Ramesh, the place, undoubtedly, resonates with the experience that the family boasts of over 10 decades. Touted as a one-of-its-kind, holistic space, we met their resident doctor after breakfast, who discussed some crucial aspects of our well being and how it is connected to Ayurvedic practice. A few minutes into the conversation, we were prescribed different Ayurvedic therapies.

Straight from our doctor’s consultancy, we were sent to the therapy centre which had typical, Laurie Baker-style, sustainable and eco-friendly architecture with enough sunlight and ventilation. The first day was Shirodhara — a 45-minute oil therapy that successfully removed all our work pressure and knots. We must say the post-therapy feel was calming and relaxing. As prescribed by the resident doctor, we also had Abhyangam and Potli massage and were told that patients are treated with different therapies like Udhvardhanam, Navarakhizhi, and holistic panchakarma therapies that work wonders for rejuvenation, detoxification, stress, strain and pain management. These therapies are also helpful for post COVID recovery.

Healing centre

This was clearly more than just a relaxing retreat. Our three-day stay was not less than a haven that offered the best, modern holistic therapy in the presence of professional Ayurveda and yoga specialists. A particular curriculum was followed each day with Ayurvedic therapies followed by delicious vegetarian food where vegetables were handpicked from their own organic garden. Evening yoga and meditation classes added extra energy to the day followed by a delicious dinner, making them full of learning and different from what we left back in Chennai. (The writer visited the property by invitation) Preventive & regenerative package (3-4 days) for a couple starts from `1,13,000.

Source:- New Indian Express Indulge (Online)

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