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Heaven & Earth –
Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village

The award-winning documentary
film-maker Vijaya Pratap who is based in Hyderabad writes an astounding review
about her stay in Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala. She
writes that Kairali is one of the most amazing place in India for an authentic
Ayurvedic experience and that The Ayurvedic Healing Village leaves you
spellbound and refreshed.

This write up was published in
the eminent and prestigious newspaper The Hindu. The Hindu is one of the oldest
and most well-read daily English Newspaper in India and is known for unbiased and
impartial views.

Heaven & Earth

When God made Kerala,
obviously he was in a good mood. He made it so beautiful, so that he could come
down for a holiday sometimes, writes Vijaya Pratap

I didn?t want the emerald green fields to end?.it was too soothing to
the eyes and my frayed urban nerves. As the road Winds through thickly wooded
groves you enter into a paradise. It is greenery every-where with golden
sunshine peeping in?.like precious stones studded into a beautiful piece of
jewellery. If woods are ever so beautiful, I would never leave them?. forget
about miles to go?I would not just stop there, but go to sleep, staring at the
vanishing sun?.

A fifty acre property with lofty trees, entwining creepers, coconut
palms forming a canopy, exotic plants freshly washed by rain and their hues
glistening in bright sunshine, landscape so picturesque that you start
wondering? is this real? And to bring the picture postcard into life, you have
the gush of the streams around and the rustle of the leaves in soft breeze. No
exaggeration ? Kairali ? The Ayurvedic Healing Village leaves you spellbound!

And the most striking
aspect of Kairali is its silence?.absolutely still! No car horns or cell phone
buzzes. It is the most beautiful silence broken by the gentlest of sounds. All
that you hear is the bird calls, a horde of them, and the pitter patter of the
ubiquitous Kerala rain. There is an orchestra here?.with a variety of birds
singing?, in chorus ? in unison?and in sync and you have raindrops for rhythm!
Just 12 kms from Palakkad town, tucked away in layers of greenery, Kairali
takes you by surprise!

Hailing from a family
of traditional Ayurvedic physicians, Dr Ramesh and Dr Gita, a husband wife team
founded? Kairali ? The Ayurvedic Healing Village? in 1989, in an idyllic
location, close to Palakkad in Kerala. Today their Ayurvedic Treatment Centres
and Hospitals and Resorts have spread over three continents and nine countries.

Overall Fitness

Therapies like
?Panchakarma? are used in Kairali for overall fitness which tune the body,
organs, mind, breath, nerves and purify blood.

Weight loss without
the use of strict diet and strenuous exercise is a major draw for many.Monsoon
is considered the best time for Ayurvedic treatments since the body?s
absorption and retention is said to be maximum during this season.

Luxury & Comfort

Elegantly furnished, air-conditioned villas that oar ample luxury and
comfort, are built based on Vaastu shastra and named after the 27 stars. Each
villa has a water body flowing around, that has a calming effect on the mind.
Red oxide is used on the floors which has a lovely shine and looks absolutely
stunning besides having a cooling effect.

Peace & Tranquility Butterflies of all colors and sizes flitting
front flower to flower (the German youth I met in the Healing Village,
commented that he had never seen such huge butterflies!!)?.dragon flies making
a buzzing sound?. crickets make a non-intrusive chorus and the frogs make their
presence felt just occasionally. Huge snails that cross your path on their most
leisurely walks (not inching a single centimeter for hours!) the whole ambiance
spells harmony, peace and tranquillity.

Garden Fresh

The restaurant dishes out exotic vegetarian fare, from fresh produce
grown in their organic veg/ fruit gardens. Carefully crafted recipes which are
totally healthy come with a fairly wide choice.

At Kairali, warm and smiling masseurs, well trained with years of
experience behind them, work on your body with wondrous results. Their firm and
magi-cal hands that knead in total sync make you feel special and the whole
experience is blissful!

You always wondered at those
lovely women in Raja RAV1 Varma?s paintings with their glowing skins and long
and lustrous hair. It is a way of life in Kerala, a daily massage with
medicated oils that has seeped into their genes and stayed there for
generations. At Kairali, these traditional methods of beauty and healthcare
combined with their dedication make their USP.

(The author is an
award-winning documentary film-maker based in Hyderabad)

Published on: October 2012

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