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Gita Ramesh . MD Kairali Ayurvedic
Group In Vogue India Wellness Guide

In a
wonderful article titled ??Metro Ayurveda? that was featured on Vogue India
Wellness Guide in the month of July 2015 Gita Ramesh, MD of Kairali Ayurvedic
Group?s teachings and philosophies were featured.

Vogue Indiais one
of the most prestigious beauty and lifestyle magazine for beautywellnesstips, advice’s, health and beauty news, for
hair care and much more.


Two Ayurvedic Gurus tell Parizaad
Khan Sethi how to incorporate 5,000 ?year-old teachings into 21stCenturylifestyle.

Dr. Pratima Raichur preaches calm in
New York, One of the most frenetic global cities. Practicing since 70s, the Ayurveic doctor has been sharing the ancient
wisdom with clients who have a hectic 24/7 lifestyle. In contrast , Gita
Ramesh, Ayurvedic practitioner and managing director at Kairali Ayurvedic
Group, runs serene wellness retreats in India. Both belive that Ayurveda
balances the mind, body and soul, and impart its teachings to followers.


  • Educate yourself about your dosha (constitution) to make correct food
    choices. ?If your dosha is vata, eat warm, cookedfood,” says Raichur.Pita should avoid spices, cheese, fired
    and fermented foods, while for kapha, everything should be light ? like salads
    and greens.
  • Eat fresh food- leftovers cause a toxic build up in the body.
  • Don?t overhaul your whole lifestyle, follow Raichur?s small, sustainable
    changes. For instance, instead of dosha specific cooking for different people,
    use spices creatively. Pita-heavy ones can get cumin in their buttermilk, while
    for someone with flatulence, asafetida is the answer. Nutmeg, cinnamon, cumin
    and coriander are good for vata and pita while kapha is warmed by chilies,
    ginger, garlic and onion.
  • Time your meals right, according to Ramesh, breakfast in non-negotiable
    and dinner should always be lighter than lunch, such that the body can digest
    the meal before bed time. Always eat seasonal fruits and vegetables- they?re at
    the top of their game when in season.
  • Eat according to your age says Raichur, as different ages have doshas
    attached to them. So when you are young eat like a kapha; move to pita-
    specific meals when you are middle aged, and after 50 vata starts increasing.


Beauty reflects from inside out and a good diet leads to a healthy,
disease-free body, says Ramesh. Raichir prescribes pure essential oils mixed
with vegetable oils to regenerate skin cells and nourish skin. The aromas of
every essential oil affect our mind, so they sould be dosha-specific.? Vata
needs warming oils like sesame, pita needs olive or coconut to cool and kapha
benefits from a light, stimulating oil.

  • Massage is Ayurveda?s answer to anti-aging. ??Make a daily routine,??
    says Ramesh. Oil the body from top to toe, paying attention to your face and
    hair. Added bonus: ?it?s an exercise by itself,?? she points oot. After a
    while shower with warm water, using herbal powders to wash off the oil.
    ??Massaging the scalp improves circulation and makes you sleep better, while
    rubbing the feet stimulates nerve endings,?? says Raichur.


  • Be great to the universe says Ramesh. Start with small prayer for the day
    that went by and ask for blessings for the present day.
  • Raichur considers thoughts to be of prime importance because what we
    think we bring into our lives. ??We all get angry and frustrated but it affects
    our liver. If you?re anxious, the kidneys get affected and if your?re always
    sad , the lungs are at risk??
  • Both practitioners recommend a few minutes of breathing exercises and
    meditation. Add 10 minutes of Kapalbhati and Anulom Vilom Pranayam (alternate
    nostril breathing) to your morning routine to oxygynate, stoke your digestive
    fire, and balance and centre yourself.
  • Raichur?s recommendations for meditation are simple: the easiest way to
    focus on your breathing; close your eyes and experience the breathe going in
    and out. Or inhale and chant ?Om?? while exhaling. ?? If stray thoughts enter
    your mind, don?t fight them- just bring your attention back to your breathing

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