Ayurveda Treatment and Ayurvedic Food | Yoga and Meditation | Ayurvedic Resort


Staff were excellent ,attentive, welcoming,
delightful, helpful and professional. The doctors are simply great as they can
very easily see your ailments and problems.
All the ayurvedic treatments and therapies I received were brilliant and were appropriate and greatly relaxing. The
massages were fantastic and the treatments are adjusted to your personal needs.
The Yoga and meditation sessions were wonderful and were much appreciated. Food
was vegetarian and amazingly tasty, most
of the things in the menu are sourced
from the resorts own garden and is completely organic. The whole resort is very
clean and well maintained, it?s like being on a tropical paradise: lush with greenery all
around, tropical flowers, and wonderful green long patches of manicured lawns.

Feedback Given by- T.Altoff
?100% of doctor
-treatment /effectivity
– staff friendly warm hearted, pleasant.
– food: prepared with love and cleanliness
-environment: ideal for relaxation-
-want to come back .?

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