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The retreat truly is an oasis of peace
and tranquility ? this is the place for Ayurveda in peace. It?s a very
relaxing and beautiful, and the staff is so friendly and caring that you
immediately feel at home. The service was just amazing. I have travelled a lot and this was the most friendly and helpful
staff I’ve ever encountered. The ayurveda package is excellent, the ayurvedic
food was very tasty and nurturing, every meal was an
enjoyable experience though I felt
that choices were a little restricted. Overall the stay
was wonderful – the food is fresh and delightful, the service ,yoga, ayurvedic
treatments and staff are very knowledgeable and extremely kind and very

Feedback given By-
Dinesh ? 15/09/2013

?Good peaceful. Environment
is quite cool, service is good, food is
good but the food items are very few. Good place to visit again?

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