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The wellbeing travel
market has changed a lot over the last decade. Where spa breaks were previously
the mainstay of wellbeing tourism, retreat experiences are now advancing as a
major alternative; the result of an increasingly discerning market of
consumers. The difference is so great that travel experts find the market
virtually unrecognizable compared to the early 2000s.

According to travel
marketing expert Caspar Ingham, director of a market-leading spa directory, the
rules have changed entirely. ?There is a whole new educational element in
wellbeing travel these days, quite clearly the result of the higher profile of
Yoga and natural healing methods among Western outbound tourists. People want
access to proper tuition in self-healing methods and the empowerment to
actually integrate them into their lives. This means using their leisure time
intelligently. In this respect, consumers have led the market by demanding more
from their spa-break experience.?

A New Kind of
Retreat Experience.

This addition of an
educational element is one of the reasons for the abundance of Yoga retreats
now on offer all over the world. Group Yoga retreats are a wonderful experience
offering instant community and a guided approach to wellbeing as well as the
experience of a new, exotic part of the world.However, depending on your
personal life goals, they can leave some areas lacking. The customer who wants
to maximize their time for the adoption of new skills is unlikely to receive
the level of attention they require. Furthermore, they won?t have a say in how
the experience is tailored to their therapeutic or educational goals.

The opportunity to
direct your own retreat experience is available, though much less in the
spotlight than the group retreat phenomenon. Select high-quality retreat
centers offer you the chance to define your goals and work in consultation with
experts to create the package you require. This means giving you initial help
and advice in creating an achievable goal and then designing the ideal program
for you to reach it. Guests on individual retreats have several hours? access
per day to experts in their fields of interest, allowing them to optimize their
time according to what they want to achieve.

Individual and
Tailor-Made Retreat Packages.

Kairali Yoga?s
tailor-made Yoga and Ayurveda retreats are the result of repeated customer
enquiries to this effect. Many of our clients are busy executives with little
time on their hands,wellbeing professionals seeking to expand their skills or
individuals with a personal lifestyle goal in mind. In all cases they want to
maximize the value of their time with us. As a result, we are pleased to offer
them individual attention, delivering them expertly crafted Yoga routines and
Ayurvedic wellbeing practices that they can take away for confident long-term
practice. Despite the individual focus, we feel it important that such guests
should not miss out on the community feel of a group retreat; so we make sure
they begin and start the day in unity with their fellow guests, in morning
group Yoga and evening Meditation sessions.

Kairali Yoga?s
world-class Ayurvedic Doctors and Yoga Therapists take a dual approach ?
carefully assessing the individual?s therapeutic needs as well as their
personal lifestyle goals. A beginner?s Yoga retreat, for example, will give a
complete amateur all they need to understand the theory of Hatha Yoga, and a personalized
routine that will seem second nature to them by the time they need. Kairali
Yoga is also unique in offering authentic, world-class training in Ayurveda ?
the sister science of Yoga now internationally acknowledged to offer a complete solution to natural wellbeing. With four
generations of authentic Ayurveda practice behind them, Kairali?s Ayurveda
training can be combined with natural treatments for any current health
condition, while equipping you with all the knowledge you need to maintain naturopathic
and Ayurvedic self-healing techniques at home.

For more information on the types of training
available at Kairali Yoga?s award-winning retreat center and educational
facility The Ayurvedic Healing Village, click here.

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