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Monsoon season is undoubtedly the
best time to experience Ayurveda as the atmosphere is cool and less polluted. Our
body is most receptive to herbal
therapy, when the pores open up and the moist weather accentuates this process.
It has been a memorable experience with drizzling rain n cool air.Moreover as
it was the rainy season there were not many tourists and I had this beautiful
paradise almost all for myself. I got undivided attention of the staff, I was enveloped in a cocoon of comfort and
care. The people at The healing Village believe in what they do and provide
extraordinary service. It is a perfect
retreat to unwind, reflect, and grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.
The staff are compassionate and generous. The surroundings are beautiful and
peaceful. Every day was different and extremely special. I would advise all
to go here. It was one of the BEST trips I’ve ever had an I will be sure to go
back again.

Feedback Given By Christinane Hertes

?Definitely recommend everybody
to come here during off season! Great to have the place for myself.?

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