7 Ways to Keep Your Respiratory System Healthy this Spring


1. Eat foods that nourish the lungs and sinuses

To bolster your immunity in spring, eat more warm, light, nourishing foods like soups. Or favor light meals of mildly-spiced vegetables with grains like quinoa, amaranth, or millet. Go easy on the desserts, dairy foods, and oils. Eating a lighter diet for a couple of weeks while the seasons are changing goes an extended way in reducing ama and balancing mucus within the respiratory system. The prevention-oriented Ayurvedic perspective is that food is medicine and when eaten appropriately within the right quantity, traditional medicine won’t be needed in the future.

2. Drink many warm fluids throughout the day

Start your morning by drinking a cup of warm water flavored with the juice of half a lemon. this easy tonic stimulates digestion and cleanses impurities. Then continue sipping plain predicament throughout the day to dissolve ama.

3. Don’t let stress weaken your immunity

Have you ever ever noticed that once you feel stressed, your immunity takes a hit? To stay your stress levels low during challenging times, schedule daily meditation and yoga. You can furthermore practice breathing deeply from your diaphragm to scale back stress.

4. Add self-massage (abhyanga) regular routine

The skin is the largest organ within the body and daily massage with warm oil can help loosen impurities within the many layers of the skin, open the pores and channels, move toxins to the lymph system for elimination, and successively stimulate digestion all of which helps immunity.

5. Engage in aerobics daily while breathing through the nose

Daily aerobic exercise such as walking briskly for a half-hour in the fresh air helps your lungs and heart work harder, expanding their capacity to provide oxygen to your body and brain. This results in a more efficiently functioning of the heart and lungs, plus better digestion and mood lift.

6. Try these targeted herbal supplements to stay your respiratory system in balance

Supplements like Neem Capsules, Mulberine, Anu Thailam, and many more products are good for detoxifying and cleansing the respiratory channels and act synergistically to guard the lungs against respiratory problems. While it targets the lung’s immunity, it’ll help the whole system to fight imbalances and allergens. All supplements have to be taken under the supervision of the physician.

7. If you’re feeling dull or sluggish, try a detox

Try Kairali Taahira Herbal Tea to gently clean impurities from your mind-body system. Once you give your body an opportunity to filter out accumulated toxins, it’s a touch like spring-cleaning your body. A strong thanks for improving respiratory health and overall immunity this spring.

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