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Teens: Laying the Foundation for Lifelong Health

The teenage years are a time of rapid transition and change for young women. This stage of life is governed by Pitta dosha, which is related to heat, metabolism, and transformation. It’s an impressive and expansive time, but all those hormonal variations and changes can feel a little overwhelming at times (for parents, too)!

Being mindful of your teen’s underlying dosha could mean, for instance, if your daughter is Kapha dominant, avoid feeding her heavier, sweet foods, as this might lead to weight gain. Or, if she is Vata dominant, do exactly the opposite; heavier, oily foods may ground her flightiness. Getting to know the doshas and the way food affects your daughter’s unique physiology may be a great initiative.

The 20s & 30s: Stress Relief and Rejuvenation

As young women move far away from home, start their careers, and embark upon their own families or solo adventures, Pitta dosha continues to predominate. During this dynamic phase, stress management is key whether within the sort of meditation, yoga or just setting aside a while for self-care every day.

Women eager to have children can turn their attention to nurturing their Shukra dhatu, or reproductive tissue. Foods that support the reproductive tissue and increase fertility include fresh, organic produce; asparagus, and broccoli.

The 40s & 50s: Making the Most of Menopause

Throughout their 40s and 50s, women begin going gradually out of the Pitta phase of life and approaching the Vata cycle. This is once you might begin to note things like dry skin and symptoms of menopause (like hot flashes and emotional ups and downs). But fear not! You can minimize discomfort with a couple of dietary and lifestyle modifications.

The 60s & 70s: Relishing the Golden Years

For many women, the 60s and 70s offer the chance for a rebirth of sorts. This is generally the amount where people retire and switch their attention to family, travel, hobbies, passions, and volunteer work. On the opposite hand, some women will still thrive on the vigors of their careers and should even find themselves at their most powerful. Whatever your route at this stage, Ayurveda can save you at your best and brightest.

The 80s and Beyond: Aging Gracefully with Ayurveda

Generally speaking, the Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions listed above for ladies in their 60s and 70s apply to the present age range also. But because the Vata phase of life progresses, it’s more important than ever to remain hydrated, moisturize your skin with daily abhyanga, and follow a healthy Ayurvedic dinacharya (daily routine) to support Vata dosha and align your swings with nature.

For all ages, staying in-tuned together with your body is the key. Taking our dosha quiz weekly can assist you to understand your current state of balance and permit you to form healthy Ayurvedic decisions.

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