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The whole experience of staying and learning yoga and
meditation from some of the best teachers at Kairali’s Ayurvedic Healing Village at Palakkad is a life changing experience. The retreat is located in most pristine surroundings with birds chirping around you, lush green fields and neat and clean surroundings adding to the rustic charm ofthe place. Their trainers will listen to you patiently and then recommend to you some highly effective yoga and meditation techniques which have a miraculous effect on your body and mind. Andsoon you will start feeling the difference. The service provided by the staff, restaurant and the attendants was very good and the cottages are very comfortable for an extended stay. Highly recommended for every one who islooking for genuine knowledge about Yoga and Meditation.

Feedback given by Ms. Mona on 02/09/2016-

“This feedback is for my private yoga sessions with Mr Anil, as well as the morning and meditation group sessions. Sir Anil really understood my health concerns and was able to give metheproper yoga exercises to relieve my back and shoulder pain, and improve my postures and flexibility.

I am so grateful for the attention he has given me, and his dedication to give me a better understanding of yoga, and its connection to the mind and body.

I very much enjoyed his group meditation class too where i understood better what Yoga nidra is and how to practice meditation with positive thoughts and awareness.

This was by far one of my best yoga sessions, and an experience which has enriched my life.

Thank you Sir Anil.

Best Regards


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