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The Gut Instinct As Per Ayurveda

The winter months can be really
brutal if you get the bouts of allergies and flu constantly. But one need to
understand that it?s not the season that makes you sick rather it is your own
weak immune system that makes you spend days in bed in the winter months.

Ayurveda the
ancient Indian science-of healing is a holistic approach to healing and
prolonging life. From an Ayurvedic viewpoint, our bodies react to the winter
cold by creating extra mucus, Chandra an ayurvedic practitioner says that this
mucus serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and also our
?digestive fire? in the gut deteriorates-due to the cold. And as per Ayurveda if gut
is clean, you will not get sick. While western science now accepts that about
80 percent of the body?s immune cells are -in the gut, the Ayurvedic theory is that if
the digestive fire at full blast in the winter months, one can stay healthy. And
to keep the digestive fire healthy one needs to eat the right food like warming
foods, fibers, ghee and warm milk with herbs and turmeric.

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