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The Ayurvedic Cookbook By Mrs Gita Ramesh – Must Buy for Everyonewho Wantto Be Healthy & Fit.
We all have heard of the saying You are what you eat this holds true in every sense if you are the one who lives off cheesyburgers and greasyFrench fries; for after a whileyou are sure to feelheavy like a burger most of the time.
Diet is the key to our overall health and fitness and Ayurvedic diet is essentially one of the most ancient ways to stay healthy and fit. The most significant norm in the Ayurvedic Diet is that your food always must be fresh and seasonal and if possible local. Ayurveda recommends freshly cooked whole meals-the goal of Ayurvedic Diet is to make you feel energized and vibrant; this eating style is meant to keep you healthy and whole.
And if you are one of millions of people who is trying to lose weight or start eating a more nurturing diet, the healing science of Ayurveda offers you a easy and balanced way to do so that too while eating a wholesome meal without starving yourself. Ayurveda believes that we need to eat healthy and lead a balanced lifestyle to stay fit and vigorous.
The Ayurvedic Cookbook-Get Fit In Just Two Weeks by Mrs. Gita Ramesh offers a fresh and new perspective to the whole concept of weight loss. The recipes provide a tasty introduction to mostly Indian style vegetarian food. The majority of recipes in this book are absolutely unique and cannot be found in any other cookbook. This Ayurveda Cookbook offers recipes that are simple, fresh, organic and easily digestible. These recipes are effective in keeping the body healthy and disease free.
Mrs. Gita Ramesh is herself a renowned Ayurvedic Practitioner , Joint Managing Director and co-founder of the Kairali Ayurvedic Group. She hails from a long family lineage of traditional Ayurvedic doctors.
To make the herbal diet easy-to-understand and follow, a two week chart is provided in the book as ready reckoner. If followed correctly one can truly get healthy and fit in just two weeks. This is the perfect book for you if you want understand the ancient knowledge of ayurvedic cooking and translate it into a practical, easy-to-follow guide with simple recipes.
Good food brings harmony to ones body, mind and soul. Keeping this in mind the recipes in The Ayurvedic Cookbook are tailor-made to suit different body types. They are pure vegetarian, nutritious recipes with therapeutic values. If cooked with love and attention, the recipes can be wholesome, tasty and hearty. The informative section on nutritional and medicinal values of fruits and vegetables and spices makes this a comprehensive introduction to eating the Ayurvedic way. The Ayurvedic Cookbook is a must buy for anyone who wants to live healthy and eat healthy.

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