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Slip Disc is a medical condition associated with spine in
which the tear in the outer fibrous ring permits the central and the soft
portion to puff out beyond the damaged outer rings. It is also termed as Spinal
Disc Herniation. Several causes have been highlighted by various medical
professionals. Disc Herniation is resulted from general wear and tear and the
jobs that require crouching or sitting. The sitting posture of an individual
plays a vital role. It has been found out that most people who are glued to
their seat are likely to fall prey of this medical condition. Major number of
slip disc cases is occurred in lumbar region and cervical region is the second
common area. Minor back pains and back fatigue are common symptoms and signs of
Slip disc. The degree of pressure put in bending or lifting explains the
severity. Another major cause of slip
disc could be the obesity. The movement of body in obesity slows due to excessive
fats deposits. The metabolism and
mechanism of body is affected in great deal.
Various doctors from around the world have suggested a good amount of
exercise to cure slip disc. Great care has to be taken while sitting bending or
lifting. Other treatments like Physiotherapy, hot/cold therapy, laser light
therapy and ultra sound therapy are effective in great ways to curb the
occurrence of the pain but Ayurveda has the blessing of providing immense help
by providing natural solutions for the symptoms of slipped disc.


Low back or neck pain can feel very different. It may feel
like a mild tingling, dull ache, or a burning or pulsating pain. In some cases,
the pain is severe enough that you are unable to move. You may also have
numbness. The pain most often occurs on one side of the body. With a slipped
disk in your lower back, you may have sharp pain in one part of the leg, hip,
or buttocks and numbness in other parts. You may also feel pain or numbness on
the back of the calf or sole of the foot. The same leg may also feel weak. With
a slipped disk in your neck, you may have pain when moving your neck, deep pain
near or over the shoulder blade, or pain that moves to the upper arm, forearm,
or (rarely) fingers. You can also have numbness along your shoulder, elbow,
forearm, and fingers.

The pain may often get worse:

At night

After standing or sitting

When sneezing, coughing, or laughing

When bending backwards or walking more than a
few yards

You may also have weakness in certain muscles.
Sometimes, you may not notice it until your doctor examines you. In other cases, you will
notice that you have a hard time lifting your leg or arm, standing on your toes
on one side, squeezing tightly with one of your hands, or other problems.

The pain, numbness, or weakness will often go away
or improve a lot over a period of weeks to months.

Natural Recommendation
suggested by Doctor

Vata dosha and kapha dosha is increased in the spine, also
termed as asthikshya.

Here we have to pacify the increased doshas and clear the
blocked channels

Doses of Ayurvedic Products and their Benefits

  • 15 ml Cheriya Rasanadi Kashayam with 30 ml
    warm water before food in morning and evening
  • Balarishtam with Punarnavasavam
    (15 ml each) with 30 ml water in morning and evening after food.
    In Balarishtam,Bala, beingone of the most eminent herbs which effectively renders strength and nourishment in general to people of all age groups.
    Punarnavasavamis anunique Ayurvedic medicine used in the treatment of oedma,aneamia and dropsy
  • Kairtis and Murivenna
    oil: take equal quantity of both the oils, mix them together and keep it in
    one bottle. Daily take 10 ml of oil make it warm and massage at the back with
    very soft hands.
    Murivenna highly effective medicated oil for the treatment of acute blunt injuries, sprain, cramps, fractures and arthritic disorders.
    Made from natural ingredients,Kairtisoil is an effective herbal Medicine forpain relief.


Regular lumbar strengthening exercises once pain

Lying in supine position on a hard surface when
having pain is good

Walk with support

Bending backwards is not advisable


General recommendation of the following
ayurvedic preparations is for 5 to 6 week i.e.

Cheriya Rasanadi Kashayam: 5 bottles

Balaarishtam and punarnavaasavam: 3 bottles each

Kairtis and murivenna: 1 bottle each

Advantages of
Ayurveda over other ways of treatment

Has no side effects

Gives happy, healthy disease free long life

They are non-toxic and non-invasive

Remove the root of diseases not just symptoms

Good for physical and mental health as well.

Relaxes mind and makes you Tension Free

Enhances immunity that resists diseases

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