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Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing
Village, in its endeavour to spread awareness about healthy food, is offering
you a chance to be a part of the ?Chef Retreat?. The first chapter of ?Healing
?Back to the Roots? will see legends of the culinary world coming
together at Palakkad, Kerala from July 3, 2017 to July 6, 2017 to help you
augment health, delicacies and nutrition in your plate. Learn how to serve
lip-smacking, utterly nourishing and innovative food on your voyage with Chef
Manjit Singh Gill, Corporate Chef ITC Hotels (As Mentor); Chef Abhijit Saha,
Co-owner, Caperberry and Fava; Chef Vikas Seth, Culinary Director, Lounge
Hospitality .

On the first day of the food
adventure you will be served Kerala?s delicacies ?Sadhya? in lunch that will
not only be mouthwatering, filling, but a unique platter of health. The feeling
of freshness that comes from the food being served on Banana leaf makes the
experience all the more exotic. The colours of the food items on the dark green
leaf increases the appetite making it further delicious.

The significance of using the Banana leaf are its medicinal
properties that makes it a must use item. Firstly, it is the most eco-friendly
way of serving food and not to miss, it is very hygienic. It is healthy. The
antioxidants (polyphenols) in the leaf help fight cancer and Parkinson?s
disease. It adds a nice aroma to the food and improves the taste of some food.

A typical sadhya menu includes
banana chips, jagerry chips, achar, kerala pappadom,
parippu curry (simmered lentils enhanced with ghee), pachadi
(preserved cucumber in yoghurt), inchi puli (an emulsion of tamarind,
jaggery and ginger), kichadi (Coconut enriched gravy with pineapple),
erissery (mashed pumpkins and red beans in coconut), kaalan (raw
banana cooked in mildly spiced coarse coconut), olan (white pumpkin
simmered with beans in coconut milk), avial (ethnic vegetable cooked dry
with coarsely ground coconut and yoghurt), thoran (any local vegetable
cooked dry with coarsely ground coconut), kootu curry (assortment of
vegetables and spices), sambhar (Stew of lentil and vegetables), pulissery
(tempered yoghurt with turmeric with curry leaf infusion), pachamoru (spiced
butter milk), banana and payasam (dessert with jaggery,
coconut milk flavored with cardamom).

Later on you will be joined by Mrs.
Geeta Ramesh, Joint Managing Director of Kairali, doctor consultation,
therapies, meditation class and a masterclass by Chef Chetan Sethi. There is a
lot in store for you. Join us on a health retreat and get to know how to cook,
eat and relish healthy food.

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