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(Pure food purifies body and
soul. It benefits the memory. Purity of memory opens all the blockages in the
body. It is important for the food to be pure and full of nourishment. It is
important to follow the rule in this corporate world.)

Chandogya Upanishad, Number 9, Mukti Canon (108

In a bid to let you explore the purest form of
foods, Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village is all set to held a- Chef Retreat in Palakkad, Kerala. One-of-its-kind
of initiative, the food odyssey is the first edition of a newly launched concept
?Healing Recipes– Back To Roots?, which aims at exploring wellness through
food. Scheduled to take place from July 3-6, 2017, the important three days will
be marked by prominent chefs Manjit Singh Gill, Abhijeet Saha, Vikas Seth and
Arun. Besides treating you with their exclusive dishes, your stay will
be prepped up with cooking classes.

The menu set for you will be mostly inclusive
of ingredients from the Kairali?s organic farm. Hyper-organisity and purity
will be synonymous to the retreat. Full of nourishment, the retreat will give
you the complete package to enjoy a healthy- wealthy meditative life.

You will get to learn the basics, which we
all generally miss out on when we talk about nourishment. There is much more to
food then merely satisfying our taste buds. Like Chef Arun will
elaborate on the significance of spices. The palpable taste is accepted
everywhere if spices are sprinkled in the right amount.

Ingredients are the backbone to any mouth-watering
dish. Recreating them in innumerable healthy ways can not only make a dish
desirable, it as well makes you a masterchef. Learn with Chef Abhijit Saha to
think again and play hide & seek with the ingredients and fall in love with
recreational art.

The wisdom of eating is very simple. If you
are very much in touch with your heart, you will never fail to crave the right
food at the right time. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the body, mind and
soul. Certain foods satisfy the body, but are not light enough to reach the
mind; there are foods that have the potential to nourish the mind. Perceive the
idea of Vedic eating Chef Gill talk over with Gita Ramesh (JMD ? Kairali
Ayurvedic Group), which will take you back to your roots.

adventure does not end here. Creating a dish is always a fun part. Giving name
to your nutritious dish is always an exciting thing. Chef Vikas Seth will throw
some light on how to construct it and play with the wordplay of dish.

Food should be delicious, interesting and blessed to have. Good food is
shower to those who are lucky in their life. We provide you to relish your food
with tranquility. Religiously exploring the meaning of food is what Kairali
talks about. So the food heals us from within and make us glow from outside.
Let?s begin this journey with pure hearted and dedication towards our food.
Healthy lifestyle is much awaited!

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