Puro and Sani- Fast Hand Sanitizer


Germs can be found anywhere and everywhere!!!!!
Hand Hygiene is one of the primary means to reduce the oral transmission of
infectious agents. Germs can get into the hands from the objects or articles we
touch during our daily routine activities and might expose you to infections.
Washing hands is still considered as one of the most effective measure to
control infections. The necessity of hand sanitizer is world-wide,
regardless of what you do, where you work. Puro and Sani-fast hand sanitizers is
a great option to clean contaminated and dirty hands. The Herbal hand
sanitizers are effectively proven to kill 99.99% bacteria and germs by giving a
very sweet smell and everlasting essence with a smooth feeling upon its
repetitive use. The base of all the hand sanitizers is alcohol added to Vitamin
E, Tea tree oil and Aloe vera. Vitamin E helps soften rough and dry hands and
it is proven to be treating skin scars and Tea tree oil softens the dry
cuticles and thus provides relief from itching. Different varieties of hand sanitizers
are available in the market such as antimicrobial, antibacterial, herbal. Puro
and Sani- fast hand sanitizers are considered as the one of the best natural
hand sanitizers as they both are handy and easily can be carried in your pocket
to ensure the proper maintenance of sanitation and hygiene on the Go. It has
antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that helps fight against germs and
bacterial action and also suppresses their growth by killing them. It is an
effective alternative to wash hands when soap or water are not available. As
per the latest reports, The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a Global
pandemic as the Coronavirus rapidly spreads across the world. So people are
rushing to find out the protective and preventive measures from the prevention
of this deadly virus. Hand sanitizers are considered to be a good option

These hand sanitizers are also
available in four variants: Lemon, Sandalwood, Basil and Vanilla

What are the benefits of Puro and
Sani-Fast Hand Sanitizer?

They are easy to carry and
handy to use.

Effective alternative when soap
or water is not available

Kills 99.99% bacteria and germs
in a matter of seconds.

Effective against Infections.

Everyone should be aware that
when and how should be sanitizer be used. Hand sanitizers should always be used
after and before public places during work, after work out, travelling to the
places. Use it while travelling and also when you touches any dirty article or

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