Ayurveda provides protection against Coronavirus, common cold, and fever


With its origin
starting from the Vedic culture in India, the ancient Ayurveda for more
than 5000 years has been helping people of all ages to overcome their
illnesses. If you want to boost your immune system in a natural way, then
Ayurveda is the right path for you.

Building a Healthy Immune System with Kairali Ayurvedic Centre 

Ayurveda is the
best nature based science to relax, revive, rejuvenate and treat the body, mind
& soul. Kairali assures the most authentic Ayurvedic treatments by
manufacturing their own products and in house trainings for the staff.

Kairali Centers offers varied services that
includes Ayurvedic treatments and Therapies, Consultation with skilled doctors,
affordable and effective ayurvedic packages, ayurvedic training for all those
who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda or desire to become a
skilled ayurvedic practitioner or therapist. Kairali’s own line of Ayurvedic
medicines and products are available at all its treatment centres.

Ayurvedic Centre offers Panchkarma which is the
traditional form of Ayurvedic therapies
utilized for thousands of years, used for the detoxification of body and mind
that aids in rejuvenation by keeping an individual healthy, vital and young.
Panchkarma, a Sanskrit word is important treatment method for any chronic
illness whether it is physical or mental disease. This Ayurvedic therapy is
designed to remove impurities and toxins from the body. These toxins might
survive in the environment which accumulates and increases the oxidative
stress, thereby harms our body system. In Ayurveda, Panchkarma deals with a
different kind of toxin i.e., Ama. Ama forms in our system which is the by-
product of insufficient and improper digestion. Due to its dense and sticky
nature, it gets accumulates into our body system and form clogs channels that
damages organs and contributes to illness. This preventive and curative
therapy uses medicated ghee or oils to heal the illness of a person, both
internally and externally. Moreover,
Ayurvedic Panchkarma treatments
also has a role in balancing the mind
and emotions, and also provides relief from deep-rooted stress and restores
mental calm. 

 Panchkarma – The
treatment process

Panchkarma – The ultimate body detoxification therapy
requires use of herbs and special diet for some days or weeks which helps in the
loosening up of the toxins and brought them back for the elimination to the
digestive system. In this, special medicated oils and ghee are applied on the
affected body area that relaxes the whole body system. Before starting the
Panchkarma treatment, the body has to be cleaned properly to help the medicine
to penetrate the deeper tissues. 

There are different kind of
relaxing therapies involved in Panchkarma which are, 

Sirodhara – In this process, patient with his/her eyes covered lied
down onto the massage table where a continuous stream of oil is made to drop
gently on the forehead from a specific height. This delightful therapy relaxes
and rejuvenates the body, enhances the immune system and provides soothing

Ayurvedic oil massage– In this process, two practitioners massage the patient using
specially medicated oil made of herbs. Massaging loosens up the Ama
accumulation in the tissues and helps in its elimination. 

Swedana – Swedana is the steam therapy for whole body where
special herbs are poured to the steam. This steam bath procedure opens up the
channels of the body that helps move toxins to the digestive system. 

After applying these therapies
to the body, the next step is to remove toxins from the body. This is done by
administering purgative to clean the small intestine and enemas to clean colon.
Nasya, the special kind of therapy is used for cleansing. In this, herbal medicated
oil in prescribed dose is poured into the nostrils which are found to be very
effective in managing disorders such as chest congestion sinusitis, migraine,
and chronic cold. 

 How to boost immunity & Safeguard

As per Ayurveda, first and fore most thing
that should be taken care to prevent any infection or disease is:

  • Preventing the causative factor
    of the disease.
  • Increasing the immunity of our
    body so that we are not prone to any infection or disease. 

As COVID-19 is a pandemic disease, first
of all, the causative factor has to be avoided. Things to be taken care are as

Wash hands frequently with Soap
and water.

Sanitize your hands when ever
water and soap is not available.

Do not touch your face, eyes,
mouth or nose with your hands.

Avoid going out in crowds or

Avoid travelling.

Eat healthy food. Avoid stale
and road side food which makes you more prone to infection.

Prevention of corona Virus may become
easier when our immunity is strong enough to fight against the virus. As it is
already pandemic, below are the few steps that care be taken care to boost your
immunity against it.

Drink water boiled with few
Tulsi leaves instead of normal water.

Take steam daily once with few
tulsi leaves boiled in it or with triphala kashayam.

Gargle with Triphala kashayam.

Taking a cup of herbal tea
(Aarogya tea) every 3 to 4 hours or at-least twice a day, or fill it in a flask
and keep on sipping it hot throughout the day may work wonders.

Turmeric with black pepper
capsule – Twice a day.

As Turmeric is a known
anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and anti- viral herb since ages. Curcumin is the
active principle in turmeric which fights against infection. So in such
pandemic cases, rather than using whole turmeric, the active principle will be
very effective.

Chyawanprasham – Twice a day
with Haridrakhandam & Guduchi Satwa (giloy Satwa)

§  Chyanprasham is made with Amla and other herbs. Amla contains high
amount of Vitamin C, which prevent against infections & flu.

§  Haridrakhandam – again the main ingredient is turmeric.

§  Guduchi Satwa – The other name for it is Amrut the name itself
explains its functions in the body.

 Ayurveda always gives more
importance to Prevention than Cure. So rather than waiting for a disease to
become pandemic and then affect us, it is always better to follow the Ayurvedic
guidelines of Ritucharya and Pancha karma which always keeps our body
detoxified and keeps it’s immunity at its best. 

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