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The natural Way to Heal and
Rejuvenate- Kairali Spa New Delhi

In an article about the healing
centres and spas that use only natural
or naturally derived products to help the body rejuvenate in the northern part
of India the prominent magazine Life Positive listed Kairali Spa New Delhi as
one of the best ayurvedic spas. The article says that Kairali Spa New Delhi
offers not only the best spa therapies and massages but also offers natural and
ayurvedic treatments for various ailments.

Life Positive is a
body-mind-spirit magazine promoting a holistic understanding of the unity of
life and self with an emphasis on personal growth. Produced by a team of
professional journalists, some of who are also active seekers, Life Positive
covers the beat of spiritual wisdom gurus, personal growth therapies,
alternative medicine, holistic healers and spas and organisations with insight,
accuracy and thoroughness.

Of scrubs, wraps and soaks

Sharukh Vazifdar

November 2010

A continuation of our directory of the
rich and exuberant spa therapies in the country. This time the focus is on the
northern region of the country

Increasingly, we have distanced
ourselves from the unprocessed caresses of nature. When was the last time you
felt the rough leathery bark of a tree, or soft mud under your feet, or wiggled
your toes and splashed around on a beach, or awakened to the invigorating aroma
of freshly brewed mint tea?

Coming in contact with nature?s bounty directs enhanced levels of well-being
into our bodies. Most healing centres and spas use only natural or naturally
derived products to help the body rejuvenate. Ranging from mud packs, ayurvedic
oils, and aromatherapy, to honey and spices, the TLC given through naturally
derived products, restores our bodies to their original health. Here are some
of the major spas in the Northern part of the country.

A client experiences shirodhara at


Kairali offers treatments that are based on the millennia-old healing system of
Ayurveda. A team of doctors and therapists, help devise the required course of

Amongst the therapies offered is abhyangam, a four-hand massage with special
medicated oil that rejuvenates the body and maintains the physique. Regular
treatment will keep you healthy lifelong. It has been found very effective for
improving eyesight, longevity, vitality and sleep. It eliminates rheumatism,
and causes the skin to glow. The sirovasti treatment involves the application
of lukewarm, medicated oil to the entire head. A leather cap is then placed on
the head to maintain the temperature. The course of treatment is effective for
all diseases, including migraine, deafness, diseases affecting cranial nerves,
facial paralysis, insanity, sinusitis, rheumatism, arthritis, and abscesses.
Mehrauli, New Delhi, (2680 1805)

New Delhi (4652 0000)

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