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In a special broadcast on the miracle
that is Ayurveda, Suvarna News 24×7 visits Kairali’s signature
healing resort in the rustic environs of Palakkad, Kerala.

The fifteen-minute documentary
illuminates everything, from the architecture of The Ayurvedic
Healing Village (pyramid-shaped to invite positive energy) to the
daily routine of the guests (balance in sleep, diet and activity) to
spa treatments that are derived from ancient vedic texts. Viewers are
taken on a behind-the-scenes tour of Kairali’s in-house pharmacy
where healing ayurvedic ingredients are processed in sanitary
surroundings and bottled for the end consumer.

Of interest to industry-watchers, the
documentary notes that The Ayurvedic Healing Village may have
spearheaded a boom in the tourism market ?
both foreign and domestic ?
due to the number of people who visit seeking stress relief and a
cure for health imbalances.

increasingly seems to be the answer to all manner of physical and
spiritual ailments, sans side-effects, and fast becoming known as
Kerala’s gift to the world.

Published on :February 13, 2015

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