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The wellness fraternity has become one of the most consistent industry in promoting good health. Not only offering services and authentic products, this industry has proved itself to spread awareness among the masses as to what healthy living means. Travel Times Magazine has engraved the experience of Harsha Kanal from the moment she stepped into the heavenly abode, Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village. Facilitated with the best Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, a serene environment to soothe the mind, body and soul and the inclusion of Ayurvedic cuisines has made Kairali one of the best health farms in Asia. Let us read what Harsha has to say:

Unfolding Bliss

“The weather in Coimbatore airport was gloomy, ready to rain any moment, but the drive to Palakkad was a visual treat. On reaching Kairali, The Ayurvedic Healing Resort, a traditional welcome with Kerala’s off white and golden vastram, a lighting of the lamp and fresh melon juice awaited us! The flora at Kairali has a rustic feel with no artificial priming to experience nature in all its glory. It is a beautiful sight to see jasmine, hibiscus, anthuriams and flowers of various breeds blooming all over and ornamenting the stone walkways.

A cosy villa with a pretty exterior welcomed us… It was fascinating to know that each villa was based on the principles of vastu shastra, and designed and named on the different nakshatras, A little sit out outside each villa gives you a view of scenic property while relaxing, reading or chatting up other health enthusiasts staying with you.
As I step inside my cottage, I notice no tiles but rooms built with red oxide flooring which helps in keeping the interiors cool and adding a positive vibe-great for the healing of the patients. Each room has a conch shell (shankh), again to add ‘positivity’ in the room. I also notice that the toiletries included dant manjan instead of a toothpaste!
In my first half-hour, I understood that Kairali is not just a healing hub for various kinds of problems but also a wellnesscentre where detoxification merges with luxurious amenities.
Healing begins Our stay begins with a personal medical and wellness consultation with the resident doctor who assesses your body type (tridosha-vata, pitta and kapha) and prescribes Ayurvedic therapies accordingly. To ease us into the massage routines and therapies, we were given a very light form of Abhyangam massage. Two masseurs simultaneously and rhythmically rubbed my body with herbal oils, which was relaxing. I could feel my muscles loosen up, as the massage is also known to improve blood circulation. A steam bath followed the massage, after which we were given a kaya lepam (paste made from dals) to scrub the body and remove the oil. Soon after the massage was time for a meditation session in a serene room in the middle of the property. The sounds of the stream of water flowing in the background and birds chirping were soothing to the ears.
Healthy Eating
Soon as the session was done, my stomach began to growl… A four-course dinner- a bowl of spring onion soup, salad, two small rotis(no ghee or butter), eggplant, dal, red rice and pineapple halwa made with jaggery and ghee-awaited us, which I relished happily. Food at the resort is vegetarian and Ayurvedic, with ingredients being picked right before cooking, from the resort’s own herbal garden. While the portions are fixed and pre-decided y doctors, extra servings are not advised. Even the water served here is pink herbal water, which is actually derived from the bark of a tree and boiled.
Morning Bliss!
At 6:15 the next morning, I woke up before my alarm because of the birds chirping outside my villa. I let myself soak in the morning bliss and get ready for a rejuvenating yoga session…Post my delicious South Indian breakfast, I headed for my second massage, this time on my request for a healthy looking skin. I was advised Udwarthanam powder massage along with a face pack. The massage comprised rubbing of herbal oils and powders to help exfoliate dead skin, increase blood flow and add glow to the skin. The day passed quickly with Ayurvedic sessions and organic cooking classes for the guests. In the evening, guests were invited to meet the in-house astrologer for a ‘dekko into the future’.
Holistic Wellness
Day three started with sighting a huge toad hopping its way into my room and numerous beautifully textured snails trying to cross paths. The idyllic setting around me put a spring in my step…
A Shirodhara massage then beckoned, where a pot full of warm herbal oil was poured on my forehead in a continuous stream. It instantly made me relax and slip into deep sound sleep.
Post the massage I headed to the pharmacy to buy afew herbal oils and also meet up with the resident doctor to know more about the Ayurvedic treatments offered at Kairali. Incidentally, diseases like paralysis, arthritis, rheumatism, bone and joint disorders, slipped disc, nervous disorders and lifestyle related ailments are known to be successfully treated here.
Whether it was the soothing massages or relaxing on the hammock watching the streams of water flow by or sipping herbal tea or just simply revelling in the natural beauty of the place, every experience at Kairali was blissful!”

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