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Kairali Ayurvedic?s MD Mrs
Gita Ramesh featured Women?s Health Magazine

Kairali Ayurvedic GroupMD Mrs Gita
Ramesh was quoted in a remarkable article featured in the July August
Issue of Women?s Health . Women?s Health India is a popular magazine and it focuses on
women’s health, nutrition, fitness, sex , relationships and lifestyle, giving
you the tools you need to live the life you want. First launched in 2005 in the
US by Rodale Inc., Women’s Health has 14 international editions in 26 countries
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Rub Each Other The
Right way

These four massages can banish stress and boost your sex life. They?re
that magical.

By Elise Nersesian

On the list of life?s greatest pleasures, massages
rank up there with wine and chocolate. But a good rub down does more than just
ease achy muscles. Depending of the technique
, it can melt away stress, get you in the mood for sex, or function a an
especially erotic kind of foreplay. ?Nurturing each other and touching the
right pressure points creates a feel good effect and this way you can discover
what your partner likes and doesn?t like,? says Gita Ramesh MD and Ayurvedic practitioner of Kairali Ayurvedic Group and
author of Ayurvedic Herbal Massages.


The whole point of massage is to engage as
many senses as possible. So it is important to create the right environment to
enjoy it. ? When you enter a spa you feel
calmer instantly because of a number of factors- the lighting is just
right, the scents of the spa evoke a sense of calm and there is soft music in the background.
Replicate these at home by keeping the lights dim and using candles to light up
the room. Use a soft but comfortable bed for the massage and play soothing
music that both of you like. Use a base oil like olive or sesame which is
lukewarm and add a few drops of essential oil like rose or ylang ylang for the
massage? , says Pooja Negi, spa manger, Pullman Gurgaon Central Park.

? A massage is a sensual experience and can
be heightened by communicating through gestures . Let your eyes do the talking
or make gestures to suggest what you like and what you don?t like to your
partner. Feedback is very important ,? says Negi. ? In fact avoid using words
at all.?

Hot and Cold

Alternating between warm and cool sensations can boost arousal, ?Massaging
with lukewarm oil traps heat inside the body and to cool itself, the body sweats. In a sense , massage has the opposite effect
of what people think is does. When you apply a cold cream and a warm oil,
alternating between the two, you?re creating certain dynamics in the body. From
a sensual point of view it can be very invigorating, since a simple touch
itself causes multiple impulses in the brain,? says Dr Ramesh Varier, managing director
and senior physician at Best Western AVN Aroyga, Madura..

Two things to keep in mind when you are playing around with temperatures:
steer clear of sensitive, thin skinned areas lips, ear and the genital area;
and always start with heat. ?It opens pores and touch receptors, priming your
skin for pleasurable sensations,? says Helen Hodgson, a certified massage
therapist and co-author of The Complete Idiot?s Guide To Sensual Massage.

First chill some lotion for 30 minutes. Then dip spoon in boiling water for 30
seconds. Lie down and have your guy rub your breasts in small circles with the
rounded side of spoon, focousing on the skin above the nipple ( an unsung
erogenous zone), then have him massage the area with cool cream. The combo of
warm and cool sensations will stir your libido.
His turn! while he is lying down,. wipe down his lower half with a
steamy wet towel ( avoid his groins) and trace circles with a ice cube over his
legs, inner thighs and hips. Now flip him over and rub his back with warm oil (
just heat it in the microwave) , then quickly blast him with a mini fan for
head-to-toe goose bumps. Next smear the warm oil into his tailbone, pressing
firmly with the palm of your hand. According to Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.,
author of Acupressure of Lovers, this area contains the sacral nerves, which
directly stimulate the genitals. Finally, blow cool air where you just pressed-

Hands Off

Sure, your hands re the mater tools, but other parts can add surprising
twist to experience. ?Different parts of the body are used in massage and which
part you use can make a huge difference,? says Negi. ? Elbows become kneading
tools, for example. But do not use elbows if your partner likes softer strokes.
Elbow is ideal for athletes and people who work out, since they use more
pressure. Yu can additionally use your feet if that?s what you like but make
sure you?re safe and don?t hurt each other with your nails,? she adds. Negi suggests that when it comes to
head massage, couples should stick to their hands since it is a sensitive area
and soft strokes work there.

When you are doing the pampering, slather your boobs and stomach with
body lotion and slide them up and down his back. Then turn him over and
straddle him, dusting your hair across his chest.

Tougher and Tender

?Different types of pressure prevent the receiver from becoming
desensitised to certain storks,? says Negi. ?Plus different parts of the body
require different things.? Varier says the main erogenous zone lies under the
feet. ?Massage under the feet vigorously, this helps spread warmth and
relaxation to the rest of the body,? he adds.

To massage him rub his back, increasing pressure as you move from his
shoulders to the top of his butt. Then lightly tickle him with your fingertips.
He?ll putty in your hands.

Published on: July/August 2014

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