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Kairali Ayurvedic Group cites the
Incredible benefits of coconut oil for mum and baby on Indusparent

an amazing and really eye opening article published by theIndusparent Dr Jheel Bhatia, ayurvedic practitioner, Kairali
Ayurvedic group, Delhi cites the various incredible benefits of coconut oil for
a mother and the baby.

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17 incredible benefits of coconut oil
for mum and baby

So we know that
coconut oil is good for the hair. We also know that some prefer using coconut
oil in the kitchen, for it’s particular aroma and taste. But do we really
utilise this incredible fruit of thekalpavrikshato its
fullest, especially when it comes to a pregnant woman or in babies?

“Coconut oil is used in Indian customs since thousands of
years. There are a number of Ayurvedic herbal medicines with coconut oil as the
base,? says Dr Jheel Bhatia, ayurvedic practitioner, Kairali Ayurvedic group,

Boosts immunity

An expectant
mother?s body defences are low, to help prevent the body from fighting the
pregnancy. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a fatty acid which is anti-microbial
in nature. This improves the immunity of the body. ?Coconut oil helps the body
nourish the undernourished body tissues,? informs Dr Bhatia.

Lauric acid is also known to protect the immune system of the
foetus and the newborn. Pregnant women can have two teaspoons of coconut oil a
day as an immunity boosting tonic which will do good to both her and her baby.

Averts stretch marks

moisturising properties of coconut oil does wonders to emerging stretch marks
as pregnancy progresses. Regularly rub some coconut oil on your pregnant belly
after a bath and witness remarkable results.

Curbs heartburn

coconut oil does good to digestion, it also helps prevent problems like
heartburn and acid reflux which are common during second trimester. Consume a
couple of teaspoons of coconut oil to control heartburn during pregnancy.

possibility of tearing during delivery

massage of the perineum using coconut oil in the third trimester keeps the area
supple. This reduces the risk of severe tearing or the need for an episiotomy
during delivery.


Pregnancy hormones such as
progesterone make stool formation sluggish, leading to problems like
constipation. Coconut oil acts as a mild laxative and is shown to effectively
control problems like constipation.

Reduces morning

Virgin coconut oil has properties
that regulate blood sugar and help an expecting mother manage morning sickness.
Have a little coconut oil with your food to curb symptoms of nausea and morning

gestational diabetes

?Coconut oil is effective in the
treatment of diabetes,? says Dr Bhatia. Just as this wonder oil prevents sugar
spikes and reduces morning sickness symptoms, it also helps manage unhealthy
pregnancy cravings. This reduces a pregnant woman?s desire to pile on
unnecessary calories and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

Multiplies milk

If you?re
looking to increase your breastmilk supply, then coconut oil can help. It
boosts the supply of certain fatty acids found naturally in a mother?s milk and
improves supply.

Heals cracked

Sometimes, the nipples can crack or pain
during breastfeeding. “Coconut oil quickens wound healing and helps in
filling up of cracks,? states Bhatia. Apply coconut oil on sore nipples like a
nipple cream to heal them real quick.

Repairs hair
damage post delivery

Coconut oil greatly improves hair
quality and strengthens and promotes hair growth,? informs Bhatia. So if you
are worried abouthair lossafter
delivery, your beauty fix is closer to you than you think!

Baby massage oil

The pure oil from coconuts makes for
an excellent massage oil for infants. It is an excellent moisturiser and is
gentle on an infant’s skin as well. Warm up some pure coconut oil and massage
your newborn?s skin gently, before a bath.

Soothes an eczema

Coconut oil helps deal with eczema
flare-ups on a baby?s skin effectively, as ?the oil is a natural coolant,?
informs Dr Bhatia.

Removes cradle cap

Those stubborn white scales on your baby?s head may be
removed with gently massaging your baby?s scalp with coconut oil and running a
soft brush over his scalp.

teething pain

Did you know applying coconut oil can
provide much relief to your baby?s sore gums during teething? Heat one clove
and a piece of cinnamon in some organic, virgin coconut oil. Once it cools,
apply a wee bit of the oil on your baby?s gums to reduce teething pain.

Helps clean out

Your baby?s first black, sticky poo
called meconium is not easy to clean. To make the process much simpler, dab
some coconut oil on a piece of cotton wool to effectively get rid of the
stubborn meconium from your baby?s bottom.

Cures a diaper rash

The soothing and cooling properties
of coconut oil help treat a diaper rash at once. Rub the oil onto your baby?s
rash after patting the area dry. This treatment works especially well if the
rash is the cause of an yeast infection.

Makes for an
effective vapour rub

It?s always preferable to use a home
remedy to help your little one if he has the sniffles. Add 8-10 drops of
eucalyptus oil to about 2 tablespoon of pure coconut oil to make a decongestant
rub. Keep this oil handy and rub it on your little one?s chest to alleviate
symptoms of cough and cold.

Published On : 31st July 2015

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