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Very often we come across the topic of Skin Fairness. It has
always been an issue of great importance. Today not only females but males are
also fascinated with fair skin. In every walk of life priority is given
more to individuals with fair colour. Therefore to compete in this cut-throat
competition people are following practices blindly in order to get a quick and
fast result. Fairness or darkness depends upon the quantity of Melanin secreted
in our glands. Diverse numbers of fairness cream are available in market that
helps to lessen the melanin. Chunk of
market is captured by the top-notch manufacturers of such products. Apart from
the application of cream and lotions number of skin treatments and therapies are
in much demand. People are ready to pay handsome amount on such treatments
specially the country like India where females are highly obsessed with the
fair skin. Various topical ingredients like Hydroquinone, Kojic acid, Azelaic
acid and Cinnamomum subavenium are used as source to lighten the colour of
skin. The prime function of these ingredients is to inhibit the melanin
production. The respond to treatments are mixed because every skin is different
with their texture. Attempt to make skin fair can lead to various harmful
effects. It causes skin cancer and other skin related problems. Some countries
like Europe have banned such practices. It is always better to go safe side and
the safest route to get a fair and fresh skin is ayurveda. Ayurvedic solutions
can work wonder without compromising on the invaluable skin.

Ayurvedic Solutions recommended by doctors

Kaircin is a facial oil by Kairali Ayurvedic Group which is
extremely safe and effective and it can be applied daily on the face. Apart from
providing the desired natural glow, this ayurvedic solution also lessens the
visibility of the scars and the wrinkles.

Khaaya Thailam and Karishma Oils are immensely fruitful in
enhancing the colour of the skin. The natural compositions are always safe and
act as natural cleansers as they purify the excess oily skin.

Kairbal powder is another ayurvedic remedy for having that
natural glow. It acts by removing the dead cells and reviving the skin cells.

Kairpack can be used for making the skin young at heart and

Recommended application for skin fairness:

Kaircin oil – 2 ml applied on the face in the circular
motion and upward direction daily for 1 month.

Kairpack – 10 gms make a paste by adding rose water to it
and apply on your face. Wash it after 20 minutes.

Chyawanaprasam – 1 tablespoon at morning after food

Narasimha Rasayanam – 1 tablespoon at night after food.

Kairkare oil – daily
for body massage.

The above products are to be taken as per doctor

Tips to get the glow

Eat juicy fruits especially papaya
and pomegranate daily.

Try to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Do brisk walk of 30 min daily
and light exercise or Yoga.

Drink 3 liters of water daily.

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