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Experience Authentic Ayurveda in the New
Kairali Spa at Poovath Heritage, Fort Kochi

Poovat Heritage is amazing resort
situated by the Arabian Sea in Fort Kochi. It  is a renovated Dutch Palace from the colonial
era. It stands by the bewitching Arabian Sea in Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi also
known as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ is a laid back coastal town with a colonial
past. This amazing resort by the sea has 10 are tastefully furnished rooms in
different categories based on the views and sizes.

The Teertha Spa here  is run by Kairali Ayurveda, an establishment
that was the pioneer in bringing Ayurveda into our daily lives and spread it
globally. The Teertha Spa is a world unto itself. This  Kairali  Spa offers an interesting  assortment of Ayurvedic therapies and
treatments to rejuvenate , heal, beautify and 
restore the body and mind.  It
also  offers various wellness and
curative treatments  in the serene and  placid  ambiance
by the Arabian Sea.

Treatments are applied by well-trained therapists under the
supervision of an experienced Ayurvedic doctor. 
Kairali’s team of highly trained ayurvedic  therapists , masseurs and Professional
Physicians make the Teertha experience amazing
and memorable.


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