Easy Detox Practices for Summers


1. Add Tongue-Scraping to Your Morning Routine

When digestion isn’t up to par, the evidence is on your tongue. Once you awaken within the morning you’ll find a light, white, filmy coating on your tongue.

2. Sip Aarogya Herbal Tea or Taahira Herbal Tea Throughout the Day

Other easy hacks to detox this Spring is to drink Aarogya Herbal Tea or Taahira Herbal Tea. This mild, savory tea contains cumin, fennel, long pepper, and spices that are traditionally used for infrequent indigestion, gas, or other digestive issues.

3. Take Triphala Choornam for a mild Daily Cleanse

If you’re feeling sluggish after the inactivity of winter, or from a diet high in comfort foods and holiday treats, Triphala Choornam can help. Triphala translates to three fruits and may be a revered Ayurvedic remedy.

The three berries working together in Triphala are mentioned often in Ayurvedic texts. Together, they need a tri-doshic effect, balancing for all three of the Ayurvedic mind-body types. Amalaki is Pitta balancing, Haritaki is Vata balancing, and Bibhitaki is Kapha balancing. Amlaki, also referred to as Indian gooseberry or amla, is one of the very best natural sources of vitamin C . Amalaki promotes healthy blood glucose metabolism. Haritaki is now recognized as a prebiotic, supporting the expansion of excellent gut bacteria. Bibhitaki promotes healthy metabolism and flushes out excess fluids. It cleanses and tones the bowels and helps open lymph channels. Together, these three fruits make Triphala a powerhouse. Triphala aids numerous things within the body that it is one among my favorite remedies.

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