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Delete Stress With
Ayurveda ? Kairali
Ayurvedic Healing Village featured inThe New
Indian Express

The New Indian Express recently published an writing about top corporate jobs that can be enthralling and
challenging but at the same time can be very stressful. The article highlights how Ayurveda can help
many to deal with stress and stay away
from various lifestyle ailments. The
article goes on to say that Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Resort in Pallakkad ,
Kerala offers tailor made private de-stress programs for CEOs in which other
than offering Ayurvedic therapies one can take advantage of special diets, yoga
therapy and meditation sessions all in midst of nature.

Delete Stress with Ayurveda

The quote, ?With great
power comes great responsibility,? aptly sums up the extra baggage of stress
and concern that comes as part of every top corporate job. It is a well-known
fact that a byproduct of this stress is numerous lifestyle disease.

Many have found an
answer to stress and lifestyle diseases in alternate therapies. Alternative
medicine is also waking up and trying to tap into this niche section by
tailor-making exclusive packages for them.

It has been a hectic
year for executive director of the travel conglomerate Bird Group Ankur Bhatia,
but he makes sure to check into an ayurveda centre for a wellness holiday after
every few months to keep lifestyle diseases at bay. ?Wellness is a priority.
It?s not just about the goodness of ayurvedic treatments, but such a retreat
takes you away from the daily ruckus of business life,? he says.

Similarly, Divya
Gurwara, chief executive officer of Bridal Asia swears by ayurveda for
de-stressing. ?Work can get stressful. Ayurvedic treatments help to connect the
body and mind. Popping pills is not always a solution. Though there are other
alternate therapies, I am hooked to ayurvedic treatments and take them
regularly,? she explains.

Kairali Ayurvedic
Healing Resort in Pallakkad offers a four-to-10 day tailor-made private
programme for CEOs. Besides four hand oil rubs and ayurvedic diet, on offer are
private yoga therapy, meditation sessions and a life coach to help guests
during the stay.

Meditation coach at
Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Resort Caspar Ingham says, ?We all know how
challenging it is to run a business?filled with pressure cooker situations.
Yoga, meditation and ayurveda help improve concentration and empower an
individual to make him or her more productive. Also the meditation programmes
offer mind-training tools that help business heads in decision-making.?

Yoga and meditation
sessions, organic diet and a few days away from technology help them unwind
besides the oil rubs and treatments.

According to ayurveda
centres, the most common problems that CEOs complain about and seek treatment
for are stress, anxiety, hypertension, high blood pressure, RSI (Repetitive
Strain Injury), back problems, arthritis and also addictions. Most of these are
lifestyle related diseases. Besides there are those who want to check-out
holistic living.

?Some of the common
problems are stress, headache, neck or back problems. They also often complain
of insomnia and suffer from low energy. Though it depends on the ailments and
condition, ayurvedic massages go a long way in healing these ailments,? says
Dayananda RD, senior physician at the SwaSwara, wellness resort in Gokarna,


TAILA DHARA: Warm medicated oil is poured in a continually flowing
single stream over the body which improves circulation in muscles and
lubricates the joints thus helping relieve complaints of deep-seated muscle
stiffness, arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, spondylosis and other
musculo-skeletal and neurological problems.

KSHEERA DHARA: Medicated milk is poured on the body in a systematic
fashion for specified time. It nourishes and moistens the skin and enhances
complexion. Reduces excess body heat and soothes both body and mind.

SHIRO DHARA: This procedure involves pouring of medicated oil on the
forehead in a continuous and uniform stream after a gentle head massage. It
helps in curing disorders of the nervous system, spondylosis, sensory and motor
loss of any part of the body, insomnia, chronic headaches or migraines,
diseases related to the organs above the shoulder, induce mental calmness,
relaxes both body and mind, and nourishes the sense organs.

TAKRA DHARA: It involves pouring of medicated buttermilk with herbal
decoction on forehead in a continuous and uniform stream.

Published on : 27th
October 2013

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