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I feel amazingly rejuvenated after my 3-week
stay in the Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village resort. I was especially
very impressed at the high quality of ayurvedic health care there. All the ayurvedic
doctors taking care of the guests are highly qualified and experienced
physicians. This is a place for all
types of authentic Ayurveda treatment
done in a comfortable and peaceful setting, with all the modern amenities. The
ayurvedic treatments are really effective and the therapists are caring. This is The Place to visit for anyone who is looking for effective and
healing therapy. I received the most satisfyingdetoxing and rejuvenation treatments. I want to mention
that after the treatments, I really felt completely rejuvenated and much
healthier. Also the incredible warm-heartedness, hospitality and grace of the
people who work here and offer the treatments are worth mentioning.

Feedback given by Susane Bednarz,
Germany ? 2/02/2013

?Thank you- now 3 weeks later I
feel really lighter. I enjoyed my stay every day. Thank You?

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