Ayurvedic Skin Care Products and Tips for Healthy Skin


Cosmetic Products: Organic Vs Synthetic
The beauty and wellness industry has seen a drastic change due to the incoming of various stylists and their new approaches to beauty and wellness. Youths are getting more inclined towards this industry because of the fascinating advertisements that are shown in the media. But less do we realize that these cosmetic products that promises to retain-the natural beauty of the skin, hampers to the core and does not allow our skin to breathe properly. It blocks the pores that further leads to various skin diseases and also might lead to skin cancer. Excessive use of cosmetic products found in the market are harmful and also leads the skin to permanent damage.
There has been constant debate over natural products and cosmetic products. But the result has always been in favor of-natural and organic skin care products-which-are much more effective in producing long-term results and that too without any side-effects. Kairali Ayurvedic Products, a 100-year-old Ayurvedic brand, manufactures the most natural and authentic skin care products that helps to retain the natural health of the skin. Ayurveda has untold secrets that are becoming prevalent now-a-days. Various research and analysis are being done on a daily basis to produce the effective results and these Ayurvedic and natural products are completely extracted from nature.-
Points of Differentiation between Ayurvedic Products & Other Cosmetic Products:
There are valid points of differentiation when it comes to choosing of cosmetic products. Our skin is very delicate as well as vulnerable, so it requires extra care and concern. Natural hacks are always the best in order to prevent the skin from further damage. Kairali too, uses these gifts from nature to manufacture products that are suitable for all skin types. Ayurveda for skin diseases is meant to be the sole medicine to eliminate the problem from the root cause. It has all the properties that are required to implement healthy ways of living. Let us see some of the points where Ayurvedic skin care products are different from other skin care products:
1. Ayurvedic skin care products are completely free from parabens and sulphates, which is not the case with the other cosmetic products- found in the market.
2. Natural skin care products extract the raw materials from the ingredients found in nature, whereas other cosmetic products uses synthetic materials to add the aroma and shine.
3. Herbal products might change color due to the presence of natural ingredients, but other cosmetic products remain the same for years.
4. Herbal skin care products are cruelty free whereas some other cosmetic brands might not be.
5. Ayurvedic products eliminates the disease and issues from within whereas synthetic products tends to produce effects that are temporary.
Some Ayurvedic Ingredients for a Healthy Skin:
1. Papaya is a wonder fruit that helps to exfoliate the skin from the dead cells that are accumulated due to pollution or with age.
2. Coconut oil is one of the best carrier oils for any skin issue.
3. Aloe Vera is a wonderful extract that has multiple uses. It is beneficial for the skin as well as hair.
4. Sandalwood is helpful to keep the skin hydrated.
5. Neem has medicinal properties and is highly beneficial for people suffering from acne.
However, Ayurveda is the best option to choose from the multiple skin-care products found in the market for a healthy glowing skin.

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