Special Indian Herbs for A Healthy Lifestyle


Ayurvedic-Herbs–The Best-Natural-Medicine
We all know that Ayurveda is one of the oldest form of medicine. Our grandmothers have always given us natural home-made medicines and remedies that worked wonders. The moment we fall sick, herbal preparations are the most effective way to improve the immunity level of the body and keep us healthy and fit. Various health benefits of the herbs found in nature signifies the different health issues that can be cured through it. The Ayurvedic herbs has special effects on the body as they are devoid of any chemicals and can last long. Many organic and herbal products are made out of these that are beneficial for any treatment. They are meant to be the best natural cleansers that helps detoxify the body from within.
Some Most Effective & Prominent Herbs in Ayurveda

Herbs are termed to be the most efficient medicines in Ayurveda. It is through these herbs that traditional medicines were made. Now-a-days people are getting more inclined to these natural medicines as they are found to cure diabetes, weight loss, migraine, hypertension and cleanse the body from within. These Ayurveda herbs have undergone a lot of research and analysis for which now, many products include the extracts of these Indian herbs. The relevance of these herbs has also been mentioned in The Ayurvedic Cookbook, which is authored by Mrs. Gita Ramesh, the Joint Managing Director of Kairali Ayurvedic Group. It is one of the best Ayurvedic brands that manufactures their own Ayurvedic herbal products from the natural ingredients. Let us go through some of the best Ayurveda herbs along with their health benefits:
1. Giloy: Also known as Guduchi, this ancient Ayurvedic herb is an excellent remedy to revive the skin tissues and acts as an anti-aging herb.
2. Guggulu: This herb helps to prevent the growth of free radicals in the body and helps in treating various disease.
3. Brahmi: It is also known as a memory enhancer and has excellent results for people suffering from memory loss.
4. Amalaki: Commonly known as Amla, this herb cum fruit is rich in Vitamin C and helps to prevent premature greying of hair.
5. Turmeric: This is a wonder herb; including turmeric in the diet helps to increase the content of anti-oxidants in the body and also helps in anti-aging.
6. Ashwagandha: It helps in increasing cell regeneration and helps to rejuvenate the body. It has excellent properties that-enhance-the-immunity, strengthens-the-stamina-and-releases-from-stress.
7. Ginger: This Ayurvedic herb is best to improve the digestion process and is helpful in treating constipation and nausea.
8. Arjuna– This herb is beneficial for people suffering from chest pain and it also lowers the risk of heart disease.
9. Triphala– This is a combination of three Indian herbs namely haritaki, bahera and amla and is highly helpful in improving digestion.
10. Holy Basil: Commonly known as Tulsi, this sacred herb is essentially used to treat common cold and cough and other seasonal allergies.

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