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Ayurvedic Cure
for Fever

A fever is a condition when your body temperature is above the normal 98.6 F (37 C). Medically,
a person is not considered to have a significant fever until the temperature is
above 100.4 F (38.0 C).

Generally fever is immune response by your body to a foreign attack
and can include attack by viruses, bacteria, fungi, drugs or other toxins. Most of the times fever is beneficial and causes
no complications, fever usually helps the body fight off infections. Usuallyin case of a simple fever the only reason you need a treatment is to
keep the temperature under control and for comfort.

But there are various types of fever that are caused due to
other underlying medical conditions and in such cases timely treatment is a must
to avoid further complications. The diagnosis for a fever depends on the cause.

Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a viral infection that is spread by an
infected mosquito known as the Aedes Aegypti. These mosquitoes can easily be
found near human habitations and can breed even the in clean water. Yellow
fever is mostly found in Africa and South America but nowadays Yellow fever is
on the rise internationally, due to a decreased humanimmunity to infection, climate
change, easy travel options all over the world and high-density urbanization.

Anyone can be infected with the yellow fever but older adults
and infants are at greater risk of getting extremely ill. Yellow fever
can damage the liver and other
inner organs of the human body and be sometimes fatal.

The two most common symptom of yellow fever are- yellowing of
the skin and high fever; other symptoms may include – Fever and chills and Flu-like
symptoms such as muscle and joint aches, severeheadache, decreased urination and vomiting.

If proper treatment is not received on time yellow fever may
lead to liver damage, hepatitis, internal hemorrhaging, shock and multiple organ failure leading to death.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever is a painful mosquito-borne fever that occurs
mainly in the tropical and subtropical areas across the globe. The virus that causes dengue fever is carried by a mosquito named
“Aedes Aegypti” which transmits the virus to humans through its bite.
Each year, more than a 100
million cases of dengue fever occur globally. Dengue fever can be mild to severe; the severe dengue is
the dengue haemorrhagic fever and needs immediate medical attention. The risk
of dengue haemorrhagic fever increases
if you are being infected by dengue for the third or fourth time.

Dengue fever can occur to people of all ages. Children
usually have a milder version of this disease than adults.

Symptoms of Dengue
include- sudden high fever, severe headache and pain
behind the eyes, joint and muscle pain, red rashes in the body, nausea, mild
bleeding from the nose or gums.

The blood platelet count falls drastically in dengue fever
and the results of this can be fatal, so it is very important to maintain a
diet and take medications that will improve the platelet count.

Ayurveda offers very beneficial remedies to protect the body against dengue and also
offers ways to recover if you are suffering from dengue.

In Ayurveda dengue is known as ‘Dandak Jwar’. there
are various Ayurvedic herbs
that help in rising the effectiveness of protective WBC (white blood cells) and
builds the immune system. These herb sand leaves also help in improving the
blood platelet count during dengue fever and thus immensely increasing the
chances of early recovery.

Fever in Children

Fever is one of the most common ailments that all the
children suffer from in their growing years. Fever in children is generally been
defined as a rectal temperature over 100.4 F or 38.0 C.

Fever in children on its own is nothing very serious unless
the temperature is extremely and
persistently high. Fever mostly indicates the presence of some other infection
or illness, and is usually caused by common infections which are not serious.
A fever helps the body fight
infections by motivating the immune system.

You need medical attention in case the child is suffering
from high fever more than 102 degrees continuously for more than 3 days and has
other signs of being unwell, such as floppiness and drowsiness.

In case of children suffering from fever, it’s significant to
keep them hydrated by giving them plenty of water to drink, even if the child
is not thirsty.

Ayurveda offers gentle and effective health care and
infection prevention for children through diet and lifestyle, as well as the
use of medicinal herbs and home remedies. Thereare several effective ayurvedic
ways to treat cold and fever in kids. It is one of the most effective and
unique healthcare forms for children, Ayurveda offers ways to improve the
immunity system of the children in a gradual manner as they grow.

Flu Fever

Flu Fever also known as Influenza, is a highly communicable
viral infection of the respiratory tract. It can affect people of all age
groups, though kids tend to get it more often than adults.

Flu is highly contagious and is a viral infection that
affects the nose , throat and lungs. It spreads through air- people catch the
flu when they breathe in tiny droplets from coughs or sneezes of someone else
who has the flu. You can also catch the flu if you touch or use things with the virus on it, and then
touch your mouth, nose, or eyes without washing your hands.

Flu Fever Symptoms sudden high fever, sudden fever , cough, sore
throat, runny and blocked nose, headache, chills , muscle and joint pain ,
tiredness, loss of appetite and sometimes diarrhoea or upset stomach.

A flu fever generally subsides after five days but the
tiredness , loss of appetite and the sore throat might continue for few more

Ayurveda says that aggravated Vata and Pitta doshas can also
play a role but treatment of respiratory infections. One must use ways to
pacify the aggravated Kapha and clearing the body of ama to get rid of flu.
Also plenty of rest and lots of hydration is needed with the right diet.

Kairali Ayurveda for

In most cases if fever Ayurveda primarily advises fasting so
that the aggravated doshas or toxins can be controlled. Thereafter Ayurveda also prescribes medication
and diet once the root cause of the fever is diagnosed.

Kairali Ayurvedic products and medications to treat fever:

  • Indukantham Kashayamperfect combination of drugs which serves remarkably
    to boost the defensive system of the body. It also cures chronic ailments like
    recurrent fever, improper digestion, tuberculosis, general weakness and chronic
  • Agasthya Rasayanam – is
    a linctus form of herbal medicine which is primarily given is treatment of
    bronchitis, asthma, chronic cough, influenza and palpitation.
  • Kanakasavam– A unique herbal medicine specially advised in
    breathing difficulties. This sweet fermented product shows its miraculous
    results in Asthma, Cough, Tuberculosis, Breathlessness and chronic fever.

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