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Ayurveda For Hair

Hair diseases are problems affecting the hair, hair follicles and scalp and includes hair loss, infections, dandruff
, premature greying and baldness and sometimes other disorders causing itching
and scaling.

Every person wants shiny and lustrous hair ; be it man or women
no one likes the idea of hair fall or balding. In todays world stress,
pollution , chemicals in various hair care products has led to a widespread problem of premature
greying, loss of hair and dandruff. But the good news is that Ayurveda offers very easy and natural ways to deal with hair diseases and problems.

Here are some of the common hair
problems and their natural cures


Dandruff is a common form of skin eczema called seborrhea. It is a chronic
scalp condition marked by flaking of the skin on your scalp. While dandruff
isn’t infectious and is seldom serious, it can be embarrassing, itchy and sometimes
challenging to treat.

Dandruff can happen at any age. A
form of dandruff known as cradle cap occurs in new-borns and infants.

Our body in a natural process
constantly sheds dead skin cells as new cells are formed. And most of the times
this is a gradual process that goes unnoticed. But, there are times when this
process can speed up generating excessive amounts of dead skin cells, which
causes dandruff.

The main causes of dandruff are oily skin, overuse of chemical
laden hair products, emotional stress,
washing your hair too much or too little, very hot, dry or cold climates, other
skin conditions, common fungus called malassezia also may contribute to dandruff and sometimes
a weakened immune system also leads to dandruff.

Symptoms of Dandruff- when you notice tiny, unattached, whitish
flakes on your scalp or trapped in hair strand with an itchy feeling, you have
a dandruff problem. But sometimes extreme
flaking can also be a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal
infection or excoriation linked with infestation of head lice.

Ayurveda offers very simple and
natural remedies for treating dandruff. All the ayurvedic remedies are
completely natural and free of any side effects.

Hair Loss

The human hair grows
approximately 1 centimetre each month. At any point of time most of the hair in
the scalp is growing. Once the growth is complete the hair goes into a resting
period and falls off and new hair starts to grow in its place. It is normal to shed some hair every day as
it is a part of natural cycle. But the problem arises when you loos too much
hair .

You know you are suffering from
hair fall when-you can see a receding hairline
toward the top of your scalp, you can find clamps of hair in the drain
or tub very time you shower, you can find hair in the bed pillow, chairs that
you sit on often, your car seat and clothes.

Hair loss can affect men, women
and children and may lead to problems with confidence and self-esteem.

The main causes of hair loss are-

  1. certain
    medical conditions like Thyroid, Alopecia areata, Scalp infections
  2. Medications
    and drugs for ailments like cancer, depression, heart problem, high blood
    pressure and arthritis
  3. Pregnancy
    and hormonal imbalance
  4. High
    amount of sebum in the scalp clogs the pores of the scalp and prevents
    nutrients from reaching the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss.
  5. Certain
    hair styles
  6. Too
    much use of chemical laden hair products
  7. Poor
  8. Pollution,
    Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep can also cause hair fall
  9. Dandruff
    or fungal infection of scalp causes hair fall.
  10. Hereditary

In Ayurveda hair fall is considered a problem of pitta
dosha , you need to identify the bad eating habits that are contributing to the
increase of pitta in your body. Ayurveda has many natural and very effective
remedies to treat hair fall. Generally the
Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss comprises of
a change in diet, meditation, yoga, and the very beneficial medicated herbal oil massages and medication.

Premature Greying

Greying of hair is a natural
process and is causes due to decline in pigmentation/colour of the hair.
Usually, white people start going grey in mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s,
and Africans in their mid-40s. Half the people from all over the world have
significant amount of grey hair by the time they cross the age of 50.

Premature greying is the
condition where a person hair starts graying when they are in their 20s; it is
a condition where a young person also starts to looking much older.

Causes for Premature Greying

  • Hereditary-
    genes play a very important role in premature graying
  • Stressful lifestyle, anxiety, anger and lack of
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine
  • Excessive consumption of greasy , spicy and food
  • Continuous and long term use of harsh shampoo, conditioners, hair gel or hair
    color, using hair dryer
  • Continuous and long term use of harsh shampoo, conditioners, hair gel or hair
    color, using hair dryer
  • Certain medical conditions like typhoid, anaemia,
    Hypothyroidism or any other Prolonged illness
  • Continuous exposure to heat or sun

As per Ayurveda premature greying
of hair is due to vitiation of Pitta
Ayurveda says that it can be stopped through a change in diet
and lifestyle, along with medication. The Ayurvedic treatment for premature
greying combines diet, herbs, oil massage, meditation and yoga.

Baldness or Alopecia

Baldness means partial or
complete loss of hair. It is a common form of hair loss in both men and women.
In men, this condition is also known as male-pattern baldness ; where there is
a well-defined pattern of hair loss beginning above both temples. The pattern
of hair loss in women differs from male-pattern baldness. In women, the hair
becomes thinner all over the head, and the hairline does not recede. In women rarely there are cases of total baldness.

To become progressively bald is a
normal part of the ageing process for most men. No treatment is wanted or needed
by most affected men. For some men, baldness can be stressful, particularly if
it is excessive or occurs early in life. Treatment may then help.

Causes of Baldness

  • Hypothyroidism is an underproduction of certain
    hormones and is the most common cause of baldness also known as alopecia
  • If you have diabetes or have arthritis, its a
    kind of autoimmune disease that happen when the bodys own immune system erroneously
    attacks and destroys healthy body tissues and cells. When the bodys immune
    system attacks hair follicles or other cells or tissues vital to hair growth
    and upkeep, it can result in baldness
  • Various types of infection like a fungal scalp
    infection can lead to hair loss
  • Chemotherapy , anti-thyroid medicine and some other
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body- such
    as Vitamin B 12
  • Severe Stress- Severe stress typically sends the
    body into a state of shock, flooding it with various hormones and metabolites
    that may cause hair loss
  • Genes heredity plays an important role in baldness

Kairali Ayurveda for Hair Problems and hair loss

belives that hair loss happens mainly due to aggravated Pitta Dosha. Pitta dosha
in the body is augmented by warm climatic conditions, excessive and undue
intake of spicy, salty and sour food,
tea, coffee, alcohol, meats and excessive smoking. Regularly eating
oily, greasy, dried and acidic foods also exaggerates Pitta. Ayurveda along
with natural products advises a change in diet, lifestyle and various massages
for hair problems.

Ayurveda provides very beneficial and effective treatment for hair loss. Some of the
most effective Kairali Ayurveda products for hair loss are-

  1. KairOil– Kairali’s Ayurvedic hair oil is your one stop, herbal solution to
    beautiful, thick and lustrous hair. This product revitalizes hair, increasing
    the melanin content of your hair, controls dandruff and delays premature
  2. Kairwash ( Kairali Ayurvedics
    Powder Shapoo) – Kairali combines technical expertise with traditional
    ingredients in Kairwash, which provide utmost hair care and nourishment.
  3. Neelibringadi Kera Thailam this is
    most famous Ayurvedic herbal hair oil for problems related to hair growth. Apart
    from hair-fall, premature graying, dry and brittle hair ,this particular oil
    treats dandruff well on regular use.
  4. Doordurapatradi Thailam – Ayurvedic medicated hair oil
    prepared especially for the infection of scalp with dandruff and scabies. It
    also alleviates itching and burning sensation of scalp and promotes the growth
    of hair as well.
  5. Kayyanyadi Kera ThailamA
    renowned Ayurvedic oil prepared with Coconut oil as base, which evidently
    improves hair growth, checks hair fall and dandruff. Its regular use imparts
    coolness to scalp and provides sound sleep.
  6. Henna Shampoo is enriched with
    natural properties and is gentle on hair, soothes dry scalp and nourishes,
    conditions & restores hairs natural moisture balance.
  7. Natural Hair Conditioner– ultimate
    Hair conditioner to keep your hair healthy and shining. Use of this Hair
    conditioner regularly to repair incidental damages also helps in manageability
    of the hair.
  8. Arnica Shampoo is an advanced
    formula that penetrates the scalp and hair and treats the root causes of
    disturbance and builds elasticity.

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