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Kairali – The Ayuvedic Healing Village
was recently featured in The Lifestyle Section of the Indian Express. Lifestyle
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The feature article say that : ???
With massages that heal, food that detoxifies, and an ambience that soothes you
?.Chasing butterflies, relaxing on the hammocks, reading by the poolside,
watching a toad hopping by, a listless snail near the gurgling water and
sipping tea on an old rocking chair is the ultimate state of bliss. There
couldn?t be a better getaway for the rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.?

Kairali Health Resort:
There couldn?t be a better getaway for mind, body and Spirit

With massages that
heal, food that detoxifies, and an ambience that soothes you, Kairali Health
is a naturalist’s treasure trove.

By Sharmila Chand

When was the last time
you chased a butterfly or had a toad in your lap? Memory lapses and mind is
working hard. But for us city dwellers, where is the luxury of sitting amidst
flora and fauna.

Well, I have been rather too lucky. For I got an opportunity to spend
some time in the company of some special friends (peacocks, herons, frogs,
toads and snails) in the foothills of the Western Ghats in a quiet pretty town
of Palakkad, popularly known as the granary of Kerala. For good four days,
Kairali, an Ayurvedic Health Resort was my delightful abode.

As I entered the huge gates of the 50-acre sprawling resort, I got a
whiff of what?s going to follow. And I was right. A traditional welcome with
Kerala offwhite and gold vastram, lighting of the lamp and fresh coconut water.
?Ahh?, I said. How lovely after three hours flight from Delhi and then one and
half hour drive to the resort from Coimbatore airport. I must add, keep your
cameras ready when you sit in the car as the drive is really out of the world.

Inward journey begins

As I sipped my coconut water, I was asked about my sun sign. A little
surprised at the query, I responded with hesitation. Few minutes later, I was
escorted to my cottage and to my astonishment, its walls were done as per my
sun sign.

It was then I realized the cottages have been named after Indian zodiac
signs such as Rukmani, Aswathi, Karthika, Bharani, Makariyam, Punartham, Avittam
and Uthradam, etc. Each of the thirty cottages are unique in name, style and
dcor and have been built as per the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

Conceptualised by the famous architect Laurie Baker, the cottages
reflect the look of traditional Kerala houses. The Landscaping architect, Dr.
Randave made sure the cottages amalgamated well into the natural setting. I was
told, not a single tree was cut during the making of this resort. No wonder, I
could see some trees even growing right through the cottages.

I settled in my cottage only to discover fresh coconut cream (malai)
kept on the bedside table. Now that was a very thoughtful gesture and that?s
how the pampering began.

The resort is a
healing centre for the treatment of various kinds of problems. At the same
time, it is a haven of bliss where you can just be by yourself and rejuvenate.
Every activity and detailing here space healthy and positive vibes. For
example, every cottage is internally built in the shape of a pyramid and a
special conch shell ? divine Valambari Conch (Turbinella pyrum) is placed
inside. This helps circulate positive vibrations. The red oxide coating on the
floor acts as a natural coolant. It is a pleasure to walk barefoot on such
flooring and they say it helps detoxify the body. A cascading rivulet flowing
by the side of the cottages enhances harmony and peace.

Wake up to birds? chirping

At 6.30 in the morning, I get a wake up call through a service boy
holding my masala tea at the door. I enjoy it thoroughly and rush for my yoga
session by the poolside. Rugs and yoga mats are all in place and guruji starts
the amazing session. What a lovely way to enjoy the sunrise in the resort?s
tranquil environment.

Sunset is even more beautiful. There is a meditation session at 6.30 in
the evening. Go for a nice dip after that and then enjoy your four-course
dinner at the Ayurveda canteen.

Be one with nature

Designed by renowned horticulturist and Padma Bhushan awardee, Dr. G.S.
Randhawa, Kairali?s landscape is the lush foliage scented with the fragrances
of nature.

There are about 800 coconut trees, if not more. The sight of the staff
boy getting the coconut from the tree right in front of you is thrilling. I
also witnessed extra size mangoes on the trees in the resort and got a bag full
of them as souvenirs.

Herbs and plants with therapeutic value are grown in the 10-acre
organic garden within the resort. You take a walk and see how plants of
Pineapple, Chilli, Tomato, Bitter gourd, Pumpkin, Ladies? finger, Eggplant,
Banana, Snake gourd and a lot more are looking happy. Needless to say they are
not treated with any chemicals and that goes into making them look fresh and

Also you name the flower, and you will see it growing there to glory.
It is a beautiful sight to see Jasmine, Hibiscus and Anthurium adorning the
stone walkways and retreat?s landscape.

Food is deliciously healthy

The food served is vegetarian. The preparation is unique, devoid of any
tadkas in the cooking method. It is a wonder how tasty every dish comes out. I
wanted to know the secret and sure enough, the head chef came for organic
cooking demonstration

He also gifted me the Ayurvedic Cookbook penned by the very talented
resort owner, Gita Ramesh. Nurturing the concept of Ayurveda, she did not want
the place to look like a hospital with patients coming in. So, she alongwith
her family and team made it into a resort-cum-healing village where people
could enjoy their stay in the healthiest possible way.

Health factor is
paramount at every step. So what you eat is home grown. Every fruit and
vegetable comes from the resort?s soil. Warm herbal water is advised over
bottled water. Fresh juices are in and artificial flavours are out.

Meet the doctor at Ayurvedic hospital

My consultation with Dr. Sarvan was an eye opener for me as he gave me
tips on diet and healthy lifestyle in very simple terms. He also guided me to
the various products they make to cure ailments and relieve stress.

Dr Sarvan told me that Panchakarma (a five-fold procedure for cleansing
the body) and detoxification and rejuvenation therapies are the most common
treatments opted by visitors. They prescribe a special diet for guests
undergoing treatments.

After the consultation, I was escorted to my treatment room where two
seasoned masseurs gave me the traditional Abhyangam massage using Kairali?s
medicated oils that opens lymphatic channels and improves blood circulation. As
the warm oil was rubbed over my body, I could feel my muscles loosened and

A steam bath followed
the massage and then they gave the body scrub or the Kaya Lepam made from
organic products. No soap at all.

Chasing butterflies,
relaxing on the hammocks, reading by the poolside, watching a toad hopping by,
a listless snail near the gurgling water and sipping tea on an old rocking
chair was my ultimate state of bliss. There couldn?t be a better getaway for the
rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.

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Ayurvedic Abhyangam

Yoga & Mediation

A dip in the pool.

Vedic Astrology

Quick Facts

Getting there

Palakkad is less than
two hours away from the Coimbatore and Cochin airports. Palakkad has a railway
station and good road and rail links with all major cities.

When To Go : You can
visit anytime of the year. The weather is at its best between November and
February. March, April and May gets little warm but the resort?s lush foliage
acts as a natural protective umbrella. June, July and August is delightful if
you want to experience the monsoons.

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