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A Wonderful Review of
Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village by iYatri

A delightful review about our
Resort The Ayuredic Healing Village was featured by iYatri.in , wherein the
author says that other than amazing natural surroundings and lovely villas the
best part of our resort is its authentic ayurvedic treatment that offers you
the perfect rejuvenating and wellness gateway.

iYatri.in is a well-known travel site that offers everyone
with a reason to travel?sometimes a cheap deal and at times an eccentric
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Holistic Holiday at Kairali Ayurveda Healing Resort

Tucked in the serene town of Pallakad in Kerala, Kairali Ayurveda Healing
Resort spread over 50 acres is a wellness sanctuary. If it?s a rejuvenating
holiday that you are looking for and not a run-of-the-mill trip to the hills or
beaches then Kairali gives you that option packed with the goodness of

While I have visited quite a few spas , stand-alone and also the ones
located in hotels (I am sure you have too), it was my first time at a wellness
resort. Palakkad is located on the tip of Kerala, so we took a flight from
Delhi to Coimbatore and then a two hour drive from Coimbatore to the Kairali Resort.
The drive itself was a nice, peaceful roadtrip. The moment I entered the
expansive Kairali resort there was a sense of calmness that I felt. Each
cottage at Kairali is named after a star that it faces and the cottages are
built according to Vaastu Shastra. Though the cottages are tidy enough, they
are basic and not plush like a five star resort. The villas are designed in a
traditional Indian style complete with red oxide flooring, a rare Valambari
Conch shell in each villa and a gentle water stream flowing around every villa.

The four days at Kairali that I stayed I experienced organic
living?from starting my day with the tooth powder and soap made from herbs,
plants and veggies to eating simple home cooked vegetarian meals. There were
yoga and meditation classes for a holistic wellbeing.

But the best part about the retreat is of course the ayurvdedic
. A resident doctor first examines and chats up with you and then
recommends the treatments. From diabetes to arthritis to back pain?many travelers
come from different countries not for a holiday but treatment of some of these
diseases. While there are others who opt for massages that help in relaxation,
reducing the stress or enhancing beauty.

Some of the ayurvedic treatments that I experienced were Abhyangam,
Shirodhara and Kairali?s Royal Treatment. All massages done at Kairali are four
hand massages which means its two experienced masseurs working on your body
while you lie on a sandalwood bed. While Abhyangam is the basic oil massage, Shirodhara
is truly relaxing. But if you happen to be at Kairali the one treatment that
you shouldn?t miss is the Royal Treatment. True to its name one feels like a
queen (king) as the treatment begins with feet soaked in rose petals and every
body part is taken care of. Besides the body scrub and massage, there is a hair
pack and cleaning old eyes ritual that makes the treatment a wholesome

Every traveler must experience an ayurvedic holiday once in their

Things to Know About Kairali

The resort does not encourage use of mobile phones and laptops, however
the connectivity is good at the resort. The reception area has a wi-fi

Pallakad enjoys a tropical weather and staying at Kairali means you
will be in and out of massage rooms quite a few times. So avoid wearing denims
and heavy clothing. Cotton, linen or relaxed yoga wear is what you should

Kairali offers
personalised treatments and detoxification programmes oriented around specific
health issues, such as stress relief, arthritis, migraine, post pregnancy care,
beauty and weight loss.

On-site you can visit
herb garden, vegetable gardens, while there are other sight seeing options in
Pallakad too.

The distance between
Coimbatore (nearest airport) to Palakkad is about 50 kms, whreas from Kochi it
is about 140 kms.

–Team iYatri

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